What You Need to Know About Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

November 23, 2021

What You Need to Know About Radiant Cut Engagement Rings By Valley Rose


Radiant cut diamonds are amongst the most popular options for engagement rings. What better way to cement your love than with a timeless classic? Although a relatively new cut, radiant cut engagement rings have captivated the imagination of couples for four decades. This unique engagement ring style is a showstopper and has captured the attention of Hollywood, making it one of the most sought-after ring styles. 


Valley Rose Studios is the home of ethical engagement rings, with our radiant cut diamonds being no exception. We blend romantic designs with sustainable practices to create engagement rings made to tell your love story while protecting our planet. If you’re considering popping the question, these sustainable engagement rings are a next-generation heirloom that you and your partner will fall in love with.


Read on to find out more about what makes radiant cut diamonds so spectacular and our sustainable engagement rings, the Vera and Valeria. 


The history of radiant cuts

The radiant cut diamond was designed by Henry Grossbard, who set out to incorporate the best of the iconic emerald and round brilliant cuts into one style. The idea behind this project was to create a diamond cut that would unlock the full radiance and potential of the diamond’s brilliance. Although the first radiant cut diamond was made in 1977, Grossbard continued to master his craft until he perfected the radiant cut diamond in 1981. 


Grossbard’s design took the long shape of the emerald cut, blending it with the signature facets of the round brilliant cut. As radiant cut diamonds have evolved, the industry has begun to produce both emerald-like and square-like shapes with this cut. You can tell a radiant diamond apart from a traditional square or emerald cut diamond due to its facets and unbeatable sparkle.


Why are radiant cut engagement rings so special?

Radiant cut engagement rings are a favorite amongst celebrities, and public figures, with some of the most recognizable engagement rings in the world having this cut. Radiant cut diamonds are a celebrity’s best friend. 


Will Kopelman gave Drew Barrymore a 4-carat radiant cut diamond, while Lamar Odom proposed to Khloe Kardashian with a stunning 12.5-carat radiant cut diamond. Perhaps the most famous of them all is the over 6-carat pink radiant diamond that Ben Affleck gave to then-fiancée Jennifer Lopez.


The appeal of radiant cut engagement rings comes from their unexpected sparkle. It captures the light and shows off the diamond at its most brilliant. Although it is often mistaken for being a princess cut, the radiant cut has 12 more facets, allowing it to sparkle even more. The radiant cut has beveled corners, which put it at an advantage over the sharp corners of the princess cut that can snag with time.


If your fiancée has a bubbly personality with an outgoing spirit and a love for sparkle, a radiant cut engagement ring will be a perfect match. This engagement ring is a modern icon and ideal for those who want a classic style that encapsulates the idea of contemporary elegance. 


The perfect engagement ring for the modern couple

Choosing an engagement ring is a deeply personal experience. You want to choose something that your fiancée will love, and that will come to represent your relationship for years to come. You also want to consider your fiancée’s style by choosing a style they’ll be comfortable with wearing every day. Jewelry speaks volumes – and sustainability matters more than ever. 


When it comes to sustainable engagement rings, our signature radiant cut diamonds are amongst our favorites. The ‘Vera’ ring is designed to last a lifetime with its dainty and understated elegance. You have the option to customize your ‘Vera’ ring with either a glossy, shiny, or matte finish.


For the bride that wants a showstopper, we have our ‘Valeria’ ring. This radiant cut three-stone ring is designed for the regal bride with a timeless silhouette and minimalist aesthetic. The ‘Valeria’ ring can be crafted in rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold with carat sizes ranging from 1ct to 2ct. 


What makes these ethical engagement rings so popular? It’s because they pack a punch. They’re an engagement ring unlike any other. The eyewatering 70 facets work to conceal any flaws or inclusions within the diamond, boosting its clarity. The brilliance of a radiant cut diamond produces a superior color that outshines that of other popular diamond cuts. 


If you want to choose a showstopper, a radiant cut will maximize the appearance of the carat weight. Instead of hiding the weight under the surface, this diamond-cut highlights every aspect of the stone from top to bottom. You can get the most out of a smaller carat size, creating a dazzling diamond at any size.


What makes our radiant cut engagement rings different

By now, you’ve fallen head over heels for radiant cut engagement rings. Our collection of radiant cut rings is one of a kind. They use the first SCS certified sustainably rated grown diamonds and certified fair-mined gold. These radiant cut engagement rings take their inspiration from the past while working to protect our planet’s future.  


Our lab diamonds are made using patented crystal growth technology, allowing us to create brilliant diamonds of the same quality as grown diamonds. These radiant cut diamonds have no post-growth enhancements and are classified as having the highest level of purity. They are type IIA, a designation given to over 1-2% of all natural diamonds. Our radiant cut lab diamonds represent the pinnacle of luxury and quality within the diamond industry.


At Valley Rose Studio, our diamonds are certified under the SCS-007 standard, the world’s most stringent benchmark for sustainability accountability. It is the first certified that assesses both natural and laboratory-grown diamonds and guarantees each diamond’s accuracy through its Chain of Custody provisions, with 99% accuracy. 


Our ‘Vera’ and ‘Valeria’ radiant cut diamond engagement rings are made to be cherished forever, with expert craftsmanship and premium earth-honoring materials.

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