Top Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

June 12, 2024

Top Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Settings


In an era where sustainability and ethical sourcing are not just buzzwords but essential criteria for many consumers, lab grown diamond engagement rings represent a paradigm shift in the fine jewelry market. At Valley Rose, we specialize in lab grown diamond engagement rings, a symbol of eternal love that aligns with the values of environmentally conscious couples. Choosing a lab grown diamond engagement ring from our collection is not only a testament to your commitment to each other but also to the planet. Our Aether lab diamonds, created from air pollution, underscore our dedication to innovative, ethical practices in jewelry design. This commitment ensures that every piece we offer, from simple solitaire settings to celestial designs, embodies a perfect blend of sustainability, beauty, and lasting durability.

Top Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

As we delve into the world of lab grown diamond engagement rings, we will explore the array of settings that not only highlight the brilliance of these diamonds but also cater to diverse tastes and preferences. From the elegance of prong settings to the modern allure of bezel settings, and the enchanting appeal of unique halo designs, our guide aims to inform and inspire your choice. We will also provide insights into selecting the perfect metal to complement your lab diamond, ensuring that your engagement ring is as unique and special as your love story. Join us in discovering the beauty and ethical excellence of lab grown diamond engagement rings, an emblem of love that shines brightly against the backdrop of environmental consciousness.

Types of Lab Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

At Valley Rose, we pride ourselves on being experts in lab diamond engagement ring settings, offering a variety of styles to suit any preference. Our ethically sourced Aether lab diamonds, crafted from air pollution, ensure each ring is not only stunning but also environmentally responsible.

Top Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Solitaire Settings

Solitaire settings are timeless, emphasizing the beauty of a single lab grown diamond. This setting allows the diamond to be the focal point of the ring, perfect for those who appreciate elegance in simplicity. Solitaire settings can be accented with prongs or bezels, each style carrying it's own unique look and aesthetic. 

Top Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Halo Settings

Halo settings enhance the visual size and sparkle of the center stone. A circle of small diamonds surrounds the main diamond, amplifying its brilliance and making the center stone appear larger.

Top Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Three-Stone Settings

Three-stone settings are rich with symbolism, representing the past, present, and future of a relationship. This style features a central stone flanked by two side stones, combining beauty with deep personal meaning.

Top Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Side Stone Settings

Side stone settings incorporate smaller diamonds along the band, adding extra sparkle and elegance. This setting enhances the central diamond and is perfect for those seeking a sophisticated look.


Colored Diamond Settings

Our colored diamond settings offer a unique twist on traditional engagement rings. Available in hues like pink, yellow, and blue, these settings allow for personal expression and a standout piece.

Top Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Custom Engagement Ring Options

We also provide extensive customization options. Whether you're looking for a specific diamond cut or a unique design, our team at Valley Rose is dedicated to creating a ring that perfectly captures your vision and style.

By choosing Valley Rose, you ensure your engagement ring is not only a symbol of your love but also a testament to sustainability and ethical responsibility. Each setting is designed to highlight the unique qualities of our lab grown diamonds, ensuring your ring will be cherished for generations.

Top Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Choosing the Perfect Metal for Your Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

When selecting the ideal metal for your lab diamond engagement ring, it's essential to consider both aesthetic appeal and durability. 

Each metal brings its distinct characteristics to your engagement ring, ensuring it not only looks stunning but also stands the test of time.


Top Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

How to Select the Right Setting for Your Lab Diamond

Consider the Diamond Shape

When selecting the right setting for your lab diamond, consider the shape that best suits your personal style. For those who prefer a minimalist or classic look, a round-brilliant cut is ideal, while vintage enthusiasts might lean towards an antique cut like Asscher or marquise. Popular shapes also include princess, emerald, pear, cushion, and oval.

Top Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Match the Setting with Personal Style

Your engagement ring setting should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also reflect your personal style. From the timeless elegance of solitaire settings to the protective modern appeal of bezel settings and the striking visual effect of tension settings, there's a multitude of options to match every style.

Practical Considerations for Everyday Wear

It's crucial to consider how the ring fits into your daily life. Settings like the bezel offer more protection and are ideal for those with active lifestyles, reducing the risk of the diamond getting loose or damaged. Conversely, a prong setting maximizes the diamond's exposure to light, enhancing its brilliance but may require more careful handling.

Top Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Settings


Throughout this article, we've explored the exquisite world of lab grown diamond engagement rings offered by Valley Rose, a pioneer in merging sustainability and ethical luxury in fine jewelry. With a focus on unique and ethically made settings such as solitaire, prong, bezel, unique halo, fantasy, and celestial—each crafted from Aether lab diamonds made from air pollution—we've underscored why these rings are not just beautiful but also a testament to environmental and ethical commitment. Their lasting sparkle and durability ensure that they stand as a symbol of love for generations, embodying both personal aesthetics and values.

Choosing a Valley Rose engagement ring means opting for a piece that reflects a deep commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and exquisite design. With an array of settings that cater to every aesthetic and personal style, our collection is designed to help you find the perfect ring for your special moment. We invite you to shop our unique lab diamond engagement ring collectionand find your dream ring today, ensuring that your choice is as meaningful as it is beautiful. Let your engagement ring be a beacon of love and a testament to a brighter, more sustainable future.

Top Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Settings


1. Can lab-grown diamonds be used for engagement rings?
Yes, lab-grown diamonds are perfectly suitable for engagement rings. They are genuine diamonds with identical physical and chemical characteristics as those mined from the earth. Choosing lab-grown diamonds can be a more ethical and cost-effective choice, without sacrificing the aesthetic and quality of the ring.

2. What is the best method for creating lab-grown diamonds?
While both High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) methods are used to create lab-grown diamonds, CVD diamonds generally achieve higher clarity grades. Diamonds smaller than 1 carat are typically produced using HPHT, as it is more economical. Both methods are capable of producing diamonds with very high clarity, including VVS1 and Flawless (FL) grades.

3. What are the different types of lab-grown diamonds available?
Lab-grown diamonds come in various forms, including:

  • Aether Air Lab Diamonds: These are made from carbon pollution captured from the atmosphere, and each carat positively effects our planet. 
  • HPHT Diamonds: Created using the High Pressure High Temperature process.
  • CVD Diamonds: Produced through the Chemical Vapor Deposition method.
  • Moissanites: These are white lab-created gemstones that visually resemble diamonds but with more scintillation. They are their own type of gemstone naturally found on meteorites but for those found in jewelry they are made in a lab.

4. Which ring setting can make a diamond appear larger?
Settings that elevate the diamond and allow the most light to enter, such as a high-set prong setting, can make the diamond appear larger. Additionally, choosing a slim band and a halo design around the diamond can also enhance its perceived size. Elongated cuts such as oval, pear, emerald and marquise can also appear larger next to round cuts of the same carat weight. 

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