Join the Jewelry Revolution

Ethical fine jewelry made with responsibly sourced materials.

Join the Jewelry Revolution

Ethical fine jewelry made with eco-friendly materials.

We believe jewelry shouldn't cost the earth.

The question that started our quest to make ethical jewelry was how can something so beautiful cause so much harm? We were saddened to discover the countless atrocities happening within the industry fueled mainly by racism and capitalistic greed. That is why we vowed to take a different approach and ensure that we prioritize people and nature over profits.

taking a stance against harmful mega-corporation minining

The majority of the gold and diamonds in the world are extracted in unsustainable ways using giant open pits that wreak havoc on the environment and communities. A smaller percentage of the industry is supported by artisanal miners who far too often are subject to exploitation. 

tackling greenwashing and eco theater 

The jewelry industry is highly unregulated when it comes to claims and companies can say whatever they want. Activists and journalists have long called out giant corporations for covering up their transgressions with clever marketing. Misinformation abounds in this industry and it is so hard for the consumer to know how to effectively support the causes that align with their values instead of contributing to them. 

providing an alternative to unsustainable mass made jewelry

Investing in jewelry should be a joyful endeavor not something that leaves you bitter when the piece breaks in just a few wears. Thoughtfully designed pieces that are build to last is becoming more and more rare as the fast fashion model spreads to fine jewelry space. Keeping up with unsustainable growth models means cutting corners in production quality that create massive issues later.

Making Jewelry Radically Differently: Our promise and Commitment

Our approach to fine jewelry is a two pronged, examining the materials to make sure they fit our standards and carefully developing the design so it is perfect and can be enjoyed for years to come.

supporting artisinal communities and 3rd party audited materials

By becoming a Fairmined Certified brand we pledge to support artisanal mining communities as we believe this is the future to making the jewelry industry more equitable and eco-friendly. We are also certified by SCS global services to carry 007 Sustainably rated diamonds. By using 3rd party audited materials we can help improve the future of this industry.

rigourously vetted to meet our standards from mine to market 

Every step in our sourcing process in carefully considered. From the miners to the cutters to the stone setters. Before taking on a new vendor we carefully examine their procedures to ensure that everything meets our standards and that people have been treated and paid fairly. We constantly examine our vendors to ensure they continually meet our standards.

slow jewelry built to last lifetimes 

Instead of mass made fast jewelry we offer slow jewelry using a eco-friendly on demand production model. This allows us make the exact inventory that is needed and ensures there is waste in our inventory. In addition we carefully design every last detail to make certain that stones are secure and there is no risk of breakage or warping.

Making Quality Ethical Jewelry Since 2017

Founded in 2017 by Brittany Groshong, Valley Rose was created to be a jewelry brand that filled a sartorial void that was missing in the industry while also aligning with our values for making beautiful art that leaves this world a better place. Named after Sonoma Valley California, and Brittany the founder's lifelong inspiration of roses, Valley Rose was the perfect appellation that embodied the romance and rustic spirit of the label. With humble beginnings, Valley Rose was started with no more than a few beading tools and a creative drive. As the years went on Valley Rose quickly began to take shape. Not long after starting in her garage Brittany introduced hand carved lost wax casted pieces using fairmined gold, making the big leap into the ethical fine jewelry space. 

Fast forward just a few years and Valley Rose has been picked up in stores across the United States and loved by customers all over the world. Because of the companies fast growth Brittany has since delegated all the bench jewelry work to a trusted team in Brooklyn, NY so that Brittany could focus on the design and marketing. In 2022 Valley Rose made another big transition when Brittany relocated her and her family from California to Spain. This move has allowed the company to focus on custom ethical engagement rings and innovative design collections inspired by the mediterranean. Today Valley Rose is still based in California and serves customers all over the world.

Meet the Team

Brittany Groshong, Founder & Designer

Brittany received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in New Genres from SFAI, a degree that taught Brittany how to push creative boundaries and to look at the world through a critical lens. Post school Brittany transitioned away from studio art and into graphic design and creative direction, specializing in green beauty brands. After a decade of working for some of the best known names in the industry, Brittany decided it was time to set off on her own. She developed Valley Rose in 2017 and drew on her experience in graphic design, studio art and passion for sustainability. Brittany dove headfirst into bench jewelry teaching herself casting, stone setting and jewelry design. Her very first designs are still some of her best sellers today and embody Brittany’s core inspirations of the cosmos and nature. 

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Cynthia Tinniswood, Fulfillment & Retail

Cynthia came on board the Valley Rose team in 2022 and has been crucial part of our company helping us to manage fulfillment and in-store retail experiences. Coming from a fashion background, Cynthia also proudly owns her own store Tamarind a meticulously curated sustainable women's clothing boutique located in Healdsburg California (the same location you can shop the Valley Rose Collection in person). Cynthia is passionate about sustainable fashion and cares deeply about the brands she works with and over the years has become an expert on the Valley Rose line. Cynthia brings her many years of customer service, retail expertise, and unique sartorial eye to our team to make sure all your jewelry is perfect and sparkling.

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Journey of A Ring

Design Ethos

Brittany spent her formative years traveling the world always adding the the oldest historical ruins and history museums to the travel itineraries. Embarking on adventures in the past helps us to learn about our future. Brittany’s work cultivates this ancient wisdom focusing on unique handmade details and sumptuous textures.As Antoni Gaudi famously said: “Nothing is art if it does not come from nature” which serves as the foundational thesis of Brittany’s collection. Through the use of subtle organic textures and modern forms each piece is transformed into timeless works of art that echo the mystery and beauty of the cosmos.

Model Development

After the initial concept sketch is made it is time to create a 3d model out of wax or 3d printing. For more complicated designs we utilize 3d printing. For designs that need a more human touch we hand carve it out of wax. This prototype model lets us examine at how the jewelry will be in its' final metal stage and refine any details before finalizing the form. Having spent many years developing models we can now understand which parts will translate perfectly to metal and which details won't make the cut.


After the 3d model is finalized it is time to send it to casting. We work with certified fairmined casting foundries in the USA. A copy is made of the 3d model using a silicone mold then turned into a special wax that has melting characteristics. The wax is then placed inside plaster and cured in an oven overnight until all the wax has been burned away revealing a cavity of "lost wax" for the metal to flow in. The following day metal is melted down and poured into the super heated plaster flask. The flask then gets cooled  and the metal is excavated to reveal a perfect copy of the 3d model in metal.

Stone Setting & Finishing

When we have the casting ready we then send it to our jewelry team in Brooklyn New York. Our finishing team is a certified fairmined family run business that has been making the world's best jewelry for over 30 years. The jewelry passes through different stages beginning with polishing, then stone setting and lastly quality control final inspection. After the jewelry piece is finalized it is then sent back to California for an additional inspection, photography and fulfillment. 

Giving Back to Our Community

At the heart of our business is our commitment to causes that further intersectional environmentalism. 

gem legacy

We allocate 1% of sales to Gem Legacy a nonprofit whose vision is to create thriving colored gemstone mining communities. Portions of our profits go towards giving gemstone miners support for growth and success in all aspects of their community like: education, healthcare, tools, training, and more.

one tree planted

We allocate 1% of sales to tree planting through We care deeply about reforestation efforts and believe in offsetting our impact as much as possible and do this by ensuring that at least 1 tree or more is planted for every sale.

ethical metalsmiths supporter

We are a proud supporter of ethical metalsmiths, a community focused on promoting responsible jewelry practices through education and jeweler resources.

Sizing & Care

Ring Sizing Guide

Print and download this chart to find your ring size. Make sure you use exactly 8.5"x11" letter paper. You can use a string or a piece of paper and wrap around your finger or nuckle to measure the circumference and match to your size.

Brilliant Earth Ring Sizing Guide ↠


Necklace Sizing Guide

Follow this chart to see where the necklace will fall. All necklace sizes are described on the product pages. We suggest getting a piece of string and measuring necklace on your neck to ensure best fit. 


Special Care Instructions

To keep your jewels looking their best please keep these tips in mind to extend the life of your pieces.