Find Your Forever, Responsibly

In alignment with our commitment to deepening our eco-friendly and ethical practices, we are accredited to carry the official SCS-007 Sustainably Rated Diamond from SCS Global Services.

Find Your Forever, Responsibly

In alignment with our commitment to deepening our eco-friendly and ethical practices, we are accredited to carry the official SCS-007 Sustainably Rated Diamond from SCS Global Services.  

The 5th C: Climate Neutrality

This exclusive rating is focused on building accountability and trust in the diamond marketplace. In association with WD Lab Grown Diamonds, we are excited to have been awarded this milestone certification, because it is our ethos to bring you beauty while also protecting people and the planet. 

This revolutionary new accreditation not only addresses the need for innovation and improvement in the diamond industry, it also in tandem with WD Lab Grown Diamonds, introduces the fifth C! One cut above the traditional diamond four C’s, (cut, color, clarity, and carat) comes the fifth C- Climate Neutrality. 

In partnering with a grown diamond company, Valley Rose offers cutting edge diamonds chemically grown via the CVD process. This means that type IIA diamonds which are normally incredibly rare (and expensive) found in the earth naturally, can be grown via a vapor deposition process that involves no mining whatsoever! 

We love to have the opportunity to offer you not only pure diamonds from a gemological standpoint, but also from an ethical one. The same holistic approach applies to any jewel you fall in love with from us. Wether it is the fairmined gold we use, (it’s certified ethical) to the ethically sourced, traced & certified natural gems we carry, to our sustainably rated lab grown diamonds, we are so happy to be able to humbly offer you our very best. 

5 Pillars of Sustainability Achievement

1. Origin Traceability

Source Certain International (SCI) brings important breakthrough technology to the task of tracing diamonds to their source. SCI is an expert in forensic analysis, with technology so accurate that it can confirm the origin of a diamond from a specific mine shaft or from specific equipment at a laboratory grown diamond facility.

Using a sophisticated micro-scale technology known as “laser ablation inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry,” SCI identifies specific elements in a diamond that link it precisely to the source. !This technology, combined with the additional checks and balances built into the system throughout the chain of custody, takes the guesswork out of a diamond’s origin once and for all.

Learn more about SCI:

2. Ethical Stewardship 

Developed with the help of experts on social and environmental justice, the Ethical Stewardship certification requirements ensure detailed accountability for the health, wellbeing and fair treatment of all workers, along with community and stakeholder engagement, as well as extensive protections for the environment.

These requirements are fully aligned with the strictest internationally recognized norms of business integrity, and are addressed under 12 overarching Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles.

3. Climate Neutrality

Each year, a company’s impact on climate is caused both by its annual climate emissions and the portion of its past greenhouse gas emissions that is still hanging around in the atmosphere, or “legacy” emissions. These legacy emissions from the past are typically overlooked. The SCS 007 climate footprint is the first to account for both.

Here’s how Sustainability Rated Diamond producers become climate neutral:

Producers work to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and other climate pollutants from diamond production, energy consumption, and their supply chain (known in climate circles as “Scopes 1, 2 and 3”).

Producers move further toward climate neutrality by purchasing carbon offset credits and through direct sustainability investments in strategic climate projects that reduce climate impacts through pollution prevention and other methods.

These measures often result in significant co-benefits, such as improved air quality and better health outcomes for the local population.

4. Eco-Friendly Production Practices

All production operations cause impacts. Sustainability Rated Diamond producers are held accountable for all potential impacts.

The goal of eco-friendly production is to minimize such impacts through careful steps and innovative solutions, and to offset any remaining impacts. Diamond producers committed to SCS 007 principles are guided by the priority to do no harm, and work actively toward the goal of achieving verifiable net zero impacts across the entire life cycle.!

No other jewelry standard holds producers to such a high standard.

5. Sustainability Investments

Sustainability Rated Diamond producers are helping to protect the climate and environment as well as people in need through two key investments:

1. Supporting the Lives and Livelihoods of Artisanal and Small-Scale Miners (ASM) and Communities. Twenty percent (20%) of Diamond Certificate fees are being directed to support independent initiatives aimed at improving the lives of workers and protecting the environment in artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) communities.

2. Himalayan Brick Kiln Improvement. In many countries, the only building materials available for homes and most buildings are local clay soils that can be cheaply made into bricks using primitive brick kilns.!Unfortunately, these kilns represent one of the single greatest sources of potent climate and toxic air pollutants.!The countries in the Himalayan Mountains watershed region have banded together under an international institution called ICIMOD, which is spearheading projects to upgrade at least 100,000 brick kilns. Producers of Sustainability Rated Diamonds are supporting these upgrades.

Setting a New Standard of Excellence

first of it's kind

SCS-007 Jewelry Sustainability Standard – Sustainability Rated Diamonds is the first truly comprehensive sustainability standard developed for the global diamond market.

Developed by SCS Standards, one of the world’s pioneers and leaders in sustainability standards, along with an international, multi-stakeholder body, this groundbreaking standard satisfies consumer demand for diamonds that meet the highest level of ethical and environmental responsibility, fully backed by third-party certification.

Global Expert in Sustainability
Standards & Certification

SCS has been leading the way in the development of environmental and sustainability standards, and the implementation of third-party certification programs, for nearly four decades (since 1984).

SCS has played a key role in the development and success of some of the world’s most prestigious standards, certification programs, and supply chain initiatives across industry sectors, such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standard, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard, USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Starbucks’ CAFÉ Practices, Environmental Product Declarations, and much more. 

SCS-007: a leadership standard

SCS-007 is the most comprehensive standard for diamonds ever established. Under each of the five pillars, it sets unparalleled benchmarks of performance. Capable of tracking diamonds back to a specific mine shaft or piece of laboratory equipment, with sufficient checks and balances across the entire chain of custody from source to market, backed by thorough surveillance auditing and sampling, to achieve 99.9% origin assurance.

Conformance with stringent environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria under twelve major principles of ethical stewardship.

Diamond Certificates Tell The Sustainability Story

With your diamond, you will receive a unique Certificate of Sustainability along with their Certified Sustainability Rated Diamond purchase. This Certificate provides proof of authenticity and tells the sustainability story of the diamond. In this way, it reinforces the pedigree of the diamond with information that your customers will be able to treasure for years along with their beautiful diamond jewelry purchase, and pass along as an heirloom or share with others in the future.

Integrity & Transparency

Cast in Certified Ethical Fairmined Gold

Going beyond what recycling gold can ever do, Fairmined gold is an active force for good. Mined with minimal environmental impact, and under organizations that are held accountable.

Free Sizing & Lifetime warranty

Doesn't fit? No problem! We offer complimentary resizing and our pieces are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty. You can also try our collection risk free with  easy 14 day returns.

Giving Back To Causes We Care About

We donate at least 1% of sales to reforestation efforts in North America through Valley Rose regularly participates in fundraisers to raise awareness and effect change for intersectional environmentalism. 

Sustainably Rated Bridal

Sizing & Care

Ring Sizing Guide

Print and download this chart to find your ring size. Make sure you use exactly 8.5"x11" letter paper. You can use a string or a piece of paper and wrap around your finger or nuckle to measure the circumference and match to your size.

Brilliant Earth Ring Sizing Guide ↠


Necklace Sizing Guide

Follow this chart to see where the necklace will fall. All necklace sizes are described on the product pages. We suggest getting a piece of string and measuring necklace on your neck to ensure best fit. 


Special Care Instructions

To keep your jewels looking their best please keep these tips in mind to extend the life of your pieces.