Journey of a Ring


Brittany starts designing her collections with inspiration from her creative muses like Frida Kahlo, or Louise Bourgeois, to life events, travel or an ancient jewelry piece. From there she begins the development with sketches and research to mapout and lay the foundation for her jewelry designs.

She then begins to engineer the ring by doing precise calculations, taking microscopic measurements and double checking for things like wearability, fit, and durability.

Developing the designs in wax takes great care and detailed work to make her dreams come to life. Wax is modeled by hand using anything from a wax pen, to an exacto knife or metal files to get the exact shape and design. Gemstone settings are carefully milled out in wax then tested to ensure a proper fit or sometimes embedded straight into the wax to go through the casting.

Casting the wax forms takes the ultimate focus and begins with setting wax inside plaster casks. The wax in the casks are then burned out in a special kiln and brought to temperature ideal for pouring molten metal into. The metal is melted in a crucible to temperatures of 1,300+F, it is then poured into the flask with the “lost wax.”

Washing out the cooled metal from the flasks marks the beginning of the final stages of the ring. The finishing is when the casted metal begins to show its final form and all the other preparation has paid off. The piece is clipped, roughly sanded down for any sharp points, then given a final polish. The gemstones are then ready to meet their metal form and are carefully tightened into their settings.

The ring goes through a fit and sample stage to ensure that it meets our stringent quality guidelines. We make any adjustments to the wax models and are able to re-melt the metals if the samples need to be reworked.

Once the design is finalized it goes through production & a photoshoot. I make a copy of the perfected prototype by casting it into a special mold. I then concept the photography and photoshoot to align with the original design moodboard. This final stage is so rewarding to see the vision come to life.

Sizing & Care

Ring Sizing Guide

Print and download this chart to find your ring size. Make sure you use exactly 8.5"x11" letter paper. You can use a string or a piece of paper and wrap around your finger or nuckle to measure the circumference and match to your size.

Brilliant Earth Ring Sizing Guide ↠


Necklace Sizing Guide

Follow this chart to see where the necklace will fall. All necklace sizes are described on the product pages. We suggest getting a piece of string and measuring necklace on your neck to ensure best fit. 


Special Care Instructions

To keep your jewels looking their best please keep these tips in mind to extend the life of your pieces.