Epic Celestial Star & Moon Jewelry For The Star Gazer in All of Us

April 01, 2023

Epic Celestial Star & Moon Jewelry For The Star Gazer in All of Us By Valley Rose

History of Star & Moon Jewelry

zodiac jewelry chart

This blog post is long overdue. When I first started making jewelry one of the first things I designed was a star Moon charm necklace. I have been a star gazer for as long as I remember looking up into the night sky with awe and curiosity. I can just get lost in the vastness of it all but also be comforted by the fact that everything is really interconnected and we are trulymade of stardust. So it's no wonder now 3 years into my jewelry brand I dedicate the majority of my jewelry collection to celestial, cosmic and constellation designs. 

Star maps or constellations have always been a source of inspiration for human civilization dating back thousands of years. The science of astronomy and the art of astrology were popularized byPtolemy the Alexandrian astronomer. Ptolomey wrote the book Almagest in 150 AD which outlined the many constellations that we still use today. Our ancient ancestors thoroughly documented the seasonal movement of the stars and their recognizable patterns and relied heavily on them for navigation and agriculture. Today scientists use constellations to help them navigate and study the night sky and keep most of their ancient monikers. 

Ptolemy developed the western Zodiacs as more of a coordination map that determined when the Zodiac constellation aligned with the equinoxes or the solstices as the earth travels through our solar system. The western zodiac was later evolved into an art form of star chart horoscopes, where each constellation corresponds to the position in the sky and the day you were born. Zodiac horoscopes have a tradition rooted in ancient spirituality and connection with nature. Humans have longlooked up at the night sky for answers about their lives and life’s purpose. 

So it makes sense that since we find inspiration, meaning, and purpose by looking at the night sky that we would want jewelry to symbolize those sentiments. In the ancient traditions of Talismans, people wore jewelry that was believed to have magical powers and repel evil forces. Jewelry, spirituality and symbolism is so interconnected that we may take it for granted at times. I think of it like the feeling you get when you see a piece of jewelry that stops you dead in your tracks and you have to have it. That to me it is kind of magical when a piece of jewelry speaks to us on an unconscious level. This expression of our beautiful unique story through jewelry is the backbone of human culture. 

A Brief History of Celestial Jewelry

Stars and moons motifs in jewelry date back thousands of years. The Romans and ancient Greeks left a treasure trove of golden artifacts decorated with crescent shapes and star-like asterisms. In recent history celestial themes can be seen commonly in Georgian and Victorian era baubles and were used commonly for romantic jewels. Moons in jewelry including all the lunar phases represent femininity and the passage of time and stars represent fate and love. Gemstones were commonly imbued with celestial symbolism because they were once believed to possess the powers the moon or the stars in the night sky. 

Why is Constellation Jewelry So Timeless

Because celestial motifs have such a long and powerful history in jewelry design I feel confident in making a bet that cosmic inspired jewelry is here to stay. The timelessness of stars, constellations, and moons will ensure your jewelry pieces never feel out of style. There are so many reasons to wear celestial jewelry. Here are a few of our favorite meanings behind these stellar designs.

Moon Jewelry Represents

  • New beginnings
  • Wisdom
  • Femininity
  • Cycles of Life
  • Passage of Time

Star Jewelry Represents 

  • Romance and Love
  • Heavenly Protection
  • Guiding Stars offers direction in life
  • Mystery of life
  • Star crossed love and fate

Gold Moon Necklaces & Crescent Moon Pendants

 supermoon necklace ethical fine jewelry

Gold & Diamond Full Moon Necklace:Supermoon Necklace

While supermoons may be rare, you can have one with you at all times with this classic supermoon pendant. This necklace harnesses the energy of femininity cycles, and the passage of time. The 14k fairmined gold necklace features a white sapphire and ethical diamonds.


moon shaped dainty charm with ethical diamonds and gold

Gold & Diamond Crescent Moon Necklace: Hecate Necklace ⟶

Have your eyes on a crescent piece to level up your moon jewelry collection? The Hecate necklace is a gorgeous classic crescent moon pendant featuring a hand-carved crescent moon made of fairmined gold. The moon is covered in ethical gemstones. This necklace carries feminine energy and the rhythm of time. 

Gold Constellation Necklaces

 orion's belt constellation necklace

Gold & Diamond Orion Constellation Necklace:Orion's Belt Necklace ⟶

Brighten up your jewelry collection with the stars. The Orion’s Belt Necklace is a galactic beauty. The minimalist necklace features three ethical gemstones resembling the Orion’s belt constellation. 


cassiopeia constellation necklace 

Gold & Diamond Cassiopeia Constellation Necklace:Cassiopeia Necklace ⟶

Embrace your inner queen and beauty by wearing the Cassiopeia Constellation around your neck. This piece features six glowing white sapphire or ethical diamond  “stars”. The necklace was inspired by Ancient Greek mythology. Queen Cassiopeia was tied to her chair and cast to the heavens as punishment by Poseidon for her vanity. Reward your beauty with this versatile piece. 

phases of the moon necklace ethical celestial jewelry

Gold & Diamond Moon Phases Fringe Necklace: Phases of the Moon Necklace

Journey to the cosmos with this celestial moon phases necklace dripping in sustainable gemstones cast in fairmined gold. This necklace is not only beautiful, but magical with stunning movement. The moon phase charms shape symbolizes our magical origins.

Gold Constellation Rings

galaxy ring 14k ethical diamond infinity ring

Gold & Diamond Constellation Infinity Ring:Galaxy Ring

Whether you are a galactic bride or treating yourself to some cosmic goodies, the galaxy ring is the perfect choice for elegance. This wedding band is inspired by celestial silhouettes and features a variety of ethical gemstones casted on the thin fairmined gold band. 

 andromeda ring ethical diamonds eco friendly gold

Gold & Diamond Cluster Ring:Andromeda Ring

Andromeda was the Ancient greek princess of dreams. This classic cluster ring captures that dream-like presence. The ring, inspired by the Andromeda star constellation features seven ethical gemstones cast in fairmined gold, making it a sustainable and beautiful addition to any collection. Bonus: Andromeda means “ruler of men”. Take your throne and rule on. 

 orion's belt ring ethical diamonds fairmined gold eco friendly wedding band

Gold & Diamond Orion Constellation Ring: Orion's Belt Ring

Add some stars to your celestial jewelry collection. The Orion’s belt ring is a piece dripping in sustainable cosmic gemstones that you can wear for any occasion. This stunning ring was inspired by the Orion’s belt constellation. 

pleiades ring ethical gold conflict-free diamonds celestial constellation

Gold & Diamond Constellation Ring:Pleiades Ring

Treat yourself to a galactic piece of jewelry to symbolize a special milestone. The pleiades ring is a unique ring inspired by the Pleiades star cluster. The star cluster features white sapphire and ethical diamond cast in fairmined gold. This celestial creation is a statement piece that symbolizes divine guidance.

Gold Constellation Ear Climbers

 artemis earrings celestial ear climbers conflict free diamond studs

Gold & Diamond Constellation Ear Climbers:Artemis Earrings ⟶

Treat your ears to some celestial glamour and channel your inner goddess with the Artemis Earrings. Artemis was the Greek goddess of wild animals, the hunt, vegetation, chastity, and childbirth. She was also known to be the favorite daughter of Zeus. This versatile style features ethical diamonds and white sapphire. The design climbs up your ear and can be worn solo or as a pair. 

 orion's belt hoop earrings celestial constellation conflict free diamonds

Gold & Diamond Constellation Ear Climbers: Orion Hoops ⟶

Light up your jewelry box with the stars. The Orion hoops were inspired by the Orion the Hunter constellation. These hoops perfectly accent your ear and feature three ethical gemstones cast in fairmined gold.  

cassiopeia constellation ear climbers conflict free diamonds eco friendly gold

Gold & Diamond Constellation Ear Climbers:Cassiopeia Ear Climbers ⟶

Channel your inner celestial queen with the Cassiopeia earrings. The Cassiopeia earrings are studded with 5 ethical diamonds cast in fairmined gold. This pair is designed to climb up your ear. They are a super luxe accent to any outfit.  

helios starburst disk earrings celestial star diamond studs

Gold & Diamond Constellation Ear Climbers: Helios Earrings ⟶

Channel your inner celestial queen with the Helios earrings. The Helios disk earrings are studded with ethical diamonds cast in fairmined gold. This pair is designed to add a burst of sparkle. They are a glittering accent to any outfit. 

 gold & conflict-free diamond starburst celestial hoops

Gold & Diamond Constellation Ear Climbers: Galaxy Hoops ⟶

The galaxy celestial inspired hoops are covered in a spray of conflict-free diamonds. The asymmetrical design is inspired by the beauty of stars in the night sky. These unique hoops are the perfect everyday earring for that classic sparkle. 


Gold Moon & Star Earrings

moon shaped ethical diamond and gold stud earrings

Gold & Diamond Moon Earrings: Hecate Studs

Looking to add some sustainable moon jewelry to your collection? The Hecate Moon studs are a beautiful and versatile choice. Studded with three ethical diamonds they make the perfect addition to any earring collection. 

Gold Crescent Moon Earrings: Phases of the Moon Studs

Gold Crescent Moon Earrings:Phases of the Moon Studs

The phases of moon studs are a classic set to symbolize the passage of time and the cycle of life. Tap into your inner celestial power with a gold crescent moon stud, a gold full moon stud, a gold new moon stud, and a gold star stud. This set is made by hand and cast in fairmined gold. 

All of our pieces are sustainable and include the highest quality of traceable conflict-free gemstones, and fairmined gold. Leave a comment and let me know what you think, I would love to hear from you.


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Sizing & Care

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