Your Guide to Ethical Engagement Rings and Conflict-Free Diamonds

January 19, 2022

Your Guide to Ethical Engagement Rings and Conflict-Free Diamonds


Buying an engagement ring is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make – and you want to make the right one. If you’re popping the question in 2022, you want to do it with an ethically sourced engagement ring. We’re more aware than ever of issues around sustainability and ethics within the jewelry industry.

Your engagement ring is an eternal symbol of love. You want it to encapsulate your relationship and love for each other as something your fiancée will wear for the rest of their lives. Engagement rings are a timeless heirloom and a part of your love story – which shouldn’t be tainted by the issues of conflict diamonds and unethical labor practices. 

We want you to find an engagement ring that is beautiful on the inside and out. This guide tells you everything you need to know about buying an ethically sourced engagement ring and conflict-free diamonds. We’re covering why you should buy a conflict-free diamond ring and whether a recycled gold engagement ring is the right solution.

ethical engagement rings with conflict-free diamonds

What is an ethical engagement ring?

Thetruth is that most engagement rings arenotethical – but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s easy to get distracted by terms like “eco-friendly” and “sustainable”. With the industry not being regulated for this terminology, it’s easy for greenwashing to happen.

An ethical engagement ring uses responsibly sourced materials and is made by workers who benefit from fair labor practices. These engagement rings are ethically mined and cut with minimal impact on the planet. Even ‘conflict-free’diamonds can often miss the mark with this. 

One of the best alternatives for ethical engagement rings is lab-grown diamonds with a transparent supply chain and manufacturing process. You also want to consider the material used in your engagement ring.Fairmined gold – also known as fair-trade gold – is one of the best choices for modern engagement rings.

ethical sapphire engagement rings with eco-friendly gold

Why you should buy an ethical engagement ring

Buying an ethical engagement ring helps you do your bit to protect our planet and create a fairer and more sustainable jewelry industry. Ethical engagement rings have a more sustainable carbon footprint than their traditional counterparts. Diamond mining produces more than 125 pounds of carbon for every carat. By comparison, a lab-grown diamond produces less than 5% of this per carat. 

Ethics is one of the biggest questions that surround diamond mining. While diamonds can now be certified as ‘conflict-free’,it doesn’t mean that every diamond hasn’t been mined by organizations that use slave labor and unfair working practices.

Ethical engagement rings are the future. Almost70% of millennials say they would opt for a lab-grown diamond. Everyone fromMeghan Markle toBindi Irwin has lab-grown diamonds in their jewelry box. If you want an engagement ring that represents the future, you want to choose an ethical one.

ethical gemstone choices for ethical engagement rings

The best gemstones for engagement rings

While diamonds and sapphires are the best gemstones for engagement rings, it’s rare to find a truly conflict-free one.The manufacturing of the gemstone and ring must be ethical for it to be truly classed as ‘conflict-free’.That’s where lab-grown diamonds, like our newsustainably rated diamonds, come in.

Our brand is driven by a mission to create beautiful works of art while protecting the planet and each other. We’re proud that our diamonds have a certified sustainability rating from SCS Global Services – an innovative new accreditation that works with WD Lab Grown Diamonds to promote the 5th C – climate neutrality. You can find out more about this landmark accreditationhere.

Lab-grown diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Our sustainability-rated diamonds offer you an heirloom that will stand the test of time. 


fairmined gold material for ethical engagement rings

The best gold for engagement rings

It’s easy to get caught up thinking about the diamond as the centerpiece of your stone, but you don’t want to forget about your band. Gold is the most popular choice for engagement rings with its timeless look, but it can be as problematic as diamond mining.

Fairmined gold is the perfect alternative for those who want an ethical engagement ring as it’s more environmentally friendly. This gold comes from small-scale mines that have gone through a strict certification process and met the requirements to be classified as ‘fairmined’. 

Another option is recycled gold, which is melted down from an existing piece and refined into another piece. The issue with a recycled gold engagement ring is that while it appears more sustainable, it doesn’t decrease the demand for gold mining. 

We use fairmined gold in our ethical engagement rings as it is fully traceable and comes from artisanal small-scale mines in Columbia and Peru. This gold meets ethical practices as miners operate in safe working conditions and are paid a living wage. It’s also more eco-friendly as fairmined mines are required to meet rigorous environmental standards to prevent water contamination. 

When you buy an engagement ring made with fairmined gold, you’re making a difference by promoting ethical mining practices and supporting artisans. 

emerald cut ethical lab diamond three stone ring

Don’t forget about who makes your jewelry 

While supply chains and worker’s rights have been put into the spotlight within the fashion industry, it’s also worth considering who makes your jewelry. When you buy aconflict-free diamond ring, you have the peace of mind that workers aren’t exploited and that ethical labor practices are in place.

Our ethically sourced engagement rings are made by talented artisans who work on every piece by hand. Unlike mainstream jewelry, these stunning heirlooms are not mass-produced. You’ll get a unique engagement ring that represents your union while knowing that the artisan behind your ring was fairly paid for their work. It’s guilt-free luxury and makes your engagement ring a true work of art. 

When you are engagement ring shopping, you want to give your future bride only the best. An ethically sourced engagement ring with conflict-free diamonds is one that they’re guaranteed to fall in love with. Your engagement ring is a symbol of love and one that reflects your relationship. 

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than an ethical engagement ring. 

ethical engagement ring custom design service by valley rose

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