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Why Recycled Gold is Problematic and Which Gold is the Most Ethical & Sustainable

July 24, 2020

Why Recycled Gold is Problematic and Which Gold is the Most Ethical & Sustainable

Recycled gold won’t ever decrease the demand for gold mining.

Recycled gold cannot be compared to other recycled materials where oversupply is an issue. The demand for gold far outweighs the supply because of golds obvious value. Humans will be extracting gold out of the earth until the end of time.


About 90% of the gold extracted today is recycled.

Whereas only 9% of plastics are recycled. It’s important to try and recycle as much plastic as possible because we have an oversupply. Since the majority of gold is actually recycled, we don’t need more people recycling it. We need more people extracting the virgin gold in a safe an ethical way.


Recycled gold is not traceable.

Recycled gold is not possible to trace. Recycled gold could have been extracted 12 months ago or 12 years ago, or 120 years ago, there is no way to tell. Given that, the likelihood that the recycled gold was recently extracted in a way that harmed people and the planet is very high.


Recycled gold is not ethical, if anything it is neutral.

It is misleading to make claims that recycled gold is actively ethical or eco-friendly given the demand of gold and the historical increase of gold mining. Recycling gold takes more of a neutral approach to gold mining issues. Yes, it’s not actively hurting people, yes, it’s not actively polluting the planet. But also it’s not actively solving the issues either. It’s important for sure, but it’s basically an innate part of the process. Who is going to waste or throw away highly valuable gold? Nobody!

At Valley Rose Studio we use mainly Fairmined gold and recycled gold when Fairmined isn't available. Our castings are in Fairmined and our chains, and other findings are in recycled gold. To learn more about Fairmined gold click here.

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