Why Everyone Needs To Wear A Constellation Necklace

August 11, 2021

Why Everyone Needs To Wear A Constellation Necklace

We all love to wear precious gems set in high-quality metals. However, the designers keep working to innovate the designs and often take space as their ultimate inspiration. This year, jewelry designers have gained inspiration from the moon, stars, and constellations because they are all connected to the zodiac signs and spark the ultimate interest. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that such jewelry pieces spark a sense of magic and joy among people, and some of them are widely associated with protection, luck, and love. Well, what more justification would you need for buying the constellation necklace with their perfect outfit? With this article, we are sharing more about the constellation necklaces and why they are trending this year!

Why Are Constellation Necklaces Trending?

The celestial jewelry has become an evolving trend and new iterations are predicted this year. It wouldn’t be wrong to say those star formations are famous for depicting the zodiac signs. For this reason, the constellation necklace collection is coming out with appealing designs and the designs are optimized according to the zodiac signs. 

Even more, to create an individualized approach, the necklaces can be personalized with engraving and constellation which creates a romantic yet friendly relationship. Some people also get the necklaces with two adjoined horoscopes and constellations, so the couple stays written together, forever. In addition, these constellation necklaces are becoming more popular because people are now feeling a connection with celestial entities. 

Orions belt constellation celestial star map necklace diamond gold

Orion’s Belt Necklaces 

Orion is located on the celestial equator and can be seen all around the world. It is always perceived as the king who was shot by the arrow (the arrow is represented by stars in the belt). In addition, ancient Egyptians always thought that the stars are a resting place for Osiris’s soul (he was the god). These constellation necklaces symbolize wisdom and spirituality. These necklaces actually look amazing with blue stones set in silver because it’s said that Osiris had blue eyes. 

Cassiopeia Constellation necklace 14k gold diamond

Cassiopeia Necklace

Just like Osiris was the god, Cassiopeia was the queen and the constellation is popular for the unique “W” shape. The shape represents the queen sitting on the throne. According to Greek mythology, Cassiopeia is King Cepheus’s wife and would rule Ethiopia. Also, the queen was arrogant but was the epitome of beauty. That being said, these necklaces look dainty, symbolizing the beauty of the queen. 

Styling & Designing The Constellation Necklaces

Styling plays a major role in determining how the necklace will look with your outfit. In the section below, we are sharing some tips to get the perfect constellation necklaces. However, before we mention the tips, let us tell you that these necklaces just have specific shapes and styling tips apply to both of them. Now, let’s have a look!

  • Decide the metal from the available options (rose gold, platinum, yellow gold, white gold, and sterling silver)
  • Choose gems according to their response towards your zodiac signs
  • Select the chain design (there are cable link chains while some have angular cuts)
  • Always decide the right length of chain (collar length or something longer?) 

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