The Surprising Meaning Behind Moon Jewelry

June 24, 2021

The Surprising Meaning Behind Moon Jewelry By Valley Rose

The Surprising Meaning Behind Moon Jewelry

Whether you follow astrology or not, I’m sure we can all attest to being seduced by the beauty of the moon every now and then. I mean, how could we not? It’s a beautiful, glinting celestial body that follows us physically and, for many, energetically as well. The moon is a symbol of wisdom, creativity, and so much more. While we truly believe our hand-crafted and ethically sourced Luna collection captures the moon's lore, you should keep reading to find out just how magical moon jewelry is as a whole. 

moon earrings with conflict-free diamonds and ethical gold


History Of Moon Jewelry 

Aside from complimenting literallyany outfit (check out our stunning diamond Luna necklace if you don’t believe me), one of the most alluring features of lunar jewelry happens to be its rich and shocking history. As the oldest symbol is known to man, the crescent moon has symbolized many definitions and philosophies throughout the ages. In the 19th century, the moon was most notoriously associated with the feminine moon goddess and symbolized female empowerment for many. It is also thought to represent change, as many feel the constant transitioning from crescent to full moon poetically reflect the peaks and valleys of life. It was common to be symbolized in jewelry throughout the early 1700s and even into the early 1900s, becoming a statement piece in both Georgian and Victorian fashion (mainly through brooches and pendants).

Victorian brides often associated crescent moons cradling flowers as romantic, and this image was often depicted on their “honeymoon brooches”. Crescent moons paired with stars were often thought of as a romantic term (making our hand-carved, diamond-incrusted Luna studs the perfect gift for her).

 moon necklace with conflict-free diamonds and ethical gold

Where Are They Now?

With such versatility in both fashion and meaning, it is to very little surprise that it is finding its way back to the spotlight in 2021. It can certainly go without saying that the struggles of 2020 brought chaos and misfortune, however, it also seemed to bring along the desire for deeper knowledge, creativity, and spiritual connection (ironically, this is energy that many spiritualists refer to as ‘divine feminine). Accordingly, moon jewelry is becoming a staple in everyone's closet in 2021. Here at Valley Rose, we needed to encapsulate this beautiful and mythical energy in our very own hand-carved crescent Luna necklace, ring and earrings to give that same powerful radiance to any goddess that chooses to wear it!


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