2021 Jewelry Trends: Wide Bands

June 30, 2021

2021 Jewelry Trends: Wide Bands By Valley Rose

Jewelry Trends: Wide Bands

By now, I’m sure you’ve noticed that post-pandemic fashion is anything but predictable. Gone are the days of mundanely meshing into society; people are dying to be seen! It’s no surprise that with self-expression at an all-time high, so is the popularity of wideband rings and statement jewelry.  

If you’re looking for a sign to hop on the (wide) bandwagon, look no further! Follow along as I take you through the trendy appeal of wide bands and their significance in today's fashion climate. (Your jewelry box will thank you later!)

wide bands cigar rings teal sapphire oval 14k gold diamond ethical valley rose jewelry

1.) Ceto Wide Band 

Colorful times call for colorful jewelry, and this beautiful peacock-green sapphire is just the jewel for the job. This luxury Fairmined cigar band beautifully displays the sapphire jewel, along with a beautiful array of diamonds that frame its oval silhouette. The celestial-inspired design is trendy for a multitude of reasons, including its androgynous appeal, eye-catching color, and romantic architecture. 

wide bands cigar rings 14k gold diamond ethical valley rose jewelry

2.) Scissa Wide Band 

Despite society moving towards loud colors and eye-catching patterns, it’s astonishing that the appeal of minimalism continues to reign. Named after the Latin translation for ‘torn,’ this elegant, tapered cigar band presents a vertical row of dainty diamonds. Intentionally reminiscent of ancient treasure, this simplistic yet stunning look is a necessity for any and every jewelry box. 


wide bands cigar rings teal sapphire 14k gold ethical valley rose jewelry

3.) Boreal Sapphire Wide Band 

The world of fashion and jewelry is currently a melting pot of old and new trends merging and emerging, and this boreal wideband is the perfect compromise. Offering a modern approach to the traditional wideband style, this ring effortlessly exhibits a radiant Madagascar sapphire. This ethically sourced gemstone is vibrant with a bi-color forest green hue, alongside traces of teal and moss. While this beautiful piece is sure to make a statement alone, its convenient size and unique design are also sure to stack well with other bands. 

Ethically Sourced Jewelry 

It’s no secret that environmental awareness and conscious consumerism has immensely risen into popularity within recent years, however, this is a promise that Valley Rose has always lived by. Now more than ever, people are wanting to shop traceable and guilt-free; ensuring a better environment and as little humanitarian harm as possible-a vision our team not only supports but actively works towards daily. 

Valley Rose offers a variety of assorted designs, all handcrafted and sourced responsibly. Our use of 14k fairmined gold and traceable, conflict-free gemstones ensure careful mining that is respectful of strict ecological and ethical standards. This guarantees fair pay to miners, promotes a more positive environmental footprint, and warrants zero child labor. Opting for ethical companies is more than a way to feel trendy; it’s a way to use your power as a consumer for the greater good and immediately take action against environmental damage. 

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