Your Guide to the Ear Climber Trend

July 07, 2021

Your Guide to the Ear Climber Trend By Valley Rose

Whether your fashion is inspired by Aubrey Hepburn or your latest favorite punk band, there's a high possibility that an ear climber would greatly benefit your aesthetic. With early to mid-2000’s fashion trending as heavily as it is, it’s no wonder this beaut is being resurfaced and recognized for its vast appeal. 


What Is An Ear Climber? 

Have you ever admired the look of having more ear piercings, despite wincing at the actual thought of getting your ear pierced? Ear climbers solve this timeless conflict by offering a distinguishing look while eliminating the need for multiple piercings; these designs climb the ear and act as elongated, multiple studded earrings. 

The beauty of ear climbers truly lies in their versatility. While ear climbers can certainly be worn in pairs, they’re also a great way to compliment other earrings and are phenomenal for decorating and framing different areas of the ear. Ear climbers can be worn in second holes, solo or main holes, and even cartridges! Whether striving for bold and elongated, dainty and short, or a mixture of the two, you won’t be disappointed by the magic of an ear climber. 

Ear climbers are a sure way to bring personality and shine to any look, and Valley Rose studios wanted to capture this magic in all original custom (and ethical) designs! Here are three of our very own radiant and responsibly sourced ear climbers, sure to appeal to any look!

the ear climber trend meissa celestial ear climbers 14k gold diamonds

the ear climber trend meissa celestial ear climbers 14k gold diamonds

1.) Meissa Ear Climbers

This constellation-inspired climber features a miniature and refined arc of 5 diamonds. Named after the Meissa star in the Orion constellation, the fine turn creates an eye-catching sparkle that's sure to catch gazes from all directions; a prime representation of the constellation's title as the most prominent and visible throughout the world. 

the ear climber trend cassiopeia constellation celestial ear climbers 14k gold diamonds

2.) Cassiopeia Ear Climbers 

Inspired by the Cassiopeia constellation (also known as ‘The Queen’), this climber takes on its pronounced W shape (thought to resemble a throne) and also its unforgettable energetic appeal. The constellation is historically thought to represent Queen Cassiopeia of ancient mythology who was known for flaunting her beauty unapologetically. We truly wanted to personify this divine feminine energy through the stunning studded outline of 5 (ethically lab-grown or recycled) diamonds; though powerful and striking, this short and delicate design is sure to make your inner queen shine. 

the ear climber trend Artemis constellation celestial ear climbers 14k gold diamonds

3.) Artemis Climbers 

Channel your inner goddess with this sophisticated design and rustic texture. Inspired by the Artemis constellation, this sleek and simplistic ear climber truly encapsulates the fierce yet feminine energy of the Greek goddess Artemis. Featuring a 3 point constellation of gemstones that gracefully ascend the ear, this beautiful design is both modern and tantalizing. 

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