Witchy Inspired Jewelry Pieces Fit For A Gothic Queen

September 30, 2022

Witchy Inspired Jewelry Pieces Fit For A Gothic Queen


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We Are All About the Ancient Mystical Themes In Jewelry This Fall Season

Fall is here, and with it came tons of beautiful new fall jewelry trends. Many new jewelry lines incorporate old-world symbolism and have an air of heirloom jewelry design. This new-old trend started back in 2016, with what fashion editors called the first “Season of The Witch” [1]. Since then, both major labels and boutique jewelry designers have included a growing number of mystical, mythical, and celestial themes in jewelry collections.

These new jewelry designs have deep roots in the spiritual, astrological, and magical origins of occult and esoteric symbolism. So whether you’re drawn to evil eye jewelry or designs using other occult symbols, or celestial and horoscope jewelry, your choices have greater power than you might, at first, suspect (while also being powerfully on-trend). Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about these new fall jewelry trends so you can (fashionably) let out your inner witch!


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A Brief History of Occult & Witchy Symbolism In Jewelry

Fall 2019 runway season has offered up a ton of different fall jewelry trend options. Whether you call it a “witch renaissance” or an “occult obsession,” there’s no denying that the biggest fall jewelry trends of 2019 involve occult symbols and celestial themes in jewelry [2, 3]. One thing is for sure: even if you don’t believe what’s said about the magic behind certain occult symbols in jewelry (there’s no shame in buying and wearing them just because you love how they look!), these symbols have potent histories. From evil eye jewelry to constellation jewelry, all occult talismans were once deeply spiritual, mystical additions to a person’s wardrobe, with wearers using occult motifs as protective jewelry, to help tap into the supernatural, and to channel and control their own inner energies [4]. Today, pair either with delicate, minimalist, high-fashion design and you get a perfect new-age portrayal of old-world significance.

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Magical Witchy Faves Perfect For Spooky Babes

Occult symbols in jewelry are as popular this season as they are perfect for fall’s spooky vibe. Evil eye jewelry, serpent jewelry, and moon jewelry all have found prominent homes in the hearts (and on the hands, wrists, necks, and ears) of editorial and Instagram models alike. What’s more, because these symbols have become mainstream through their appearance in fashion, cautious consumers can rest easy knowing they aren’t unintentionally aligning themselves with any distasteful shadow societies or malevolent entities (looking at you, Illuminati).

Instead, wearing occult symbols in jewelry is on-trend and can even be empowering, as many occult symbols are, historically, associated with power and especially with powerful women who threatened to overturn the status quo by refusing to live by unfair rules [5]. Beautiful and bold, wearing occult symbols in jewelry has a long history of making wearers look and feel powerful, mysterious, and ahead of the curve.

 evil eye witchy necklace charm with ethical diamonds

Evil Eye & Eye Protection Necklaces

Evil eye jewelry is perhaps the most popular use of occult symbols in jewelry design. With roots in ancient mythology, religious lore, and witchcraft, the evil eye symbol (aka the “all-seeing eye” or “eye of providence”) is a near-universal symbol across regions, religions, and cultures [6]. Evil eye jewelry design represents spiritual sight, inner vision, insight, and higher knowledge [7]. What’s more, evil eye jewelry often functions as protective jewelry (it has a history of use as protective talismans), guarding those wearing it against curses, evil, and all manner of bad energy [8]. Keep the haters, ill will, and negative vibes at bay with our line of evil eye jewelry, including our Miro Eye Studs, and Feline Eye Necklace.

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Serpent & Snake Rings

Another common occult symbol in jewelry design, serpents are old-world symbols of healing, rebirth, and creation [9]. Serpent jewelry was popular in early Greek and Roman eras, with wearers using them to symbolize birth/rebirth and as protective jewelry to bring good health [10]. Mayan women wore serpent jewelry to express and channel the forces of creation and destruction [11]. In the mid-1800s, snake rings became a famous symbol of eternal love (as Prince Albert gifted one to then-Queen Victoria) [12]. 


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Witchy Rings & Gothic Engagement Rings

Gothic jewelry is a kind of heirloom-inspired jewelry designed to look a little like it has a lot of history. It lends itself well to modern witchy aesthetics and spooky halloween season vibes, yet gothic jewelry has also gained popularity recently due to its stylistic versatility (it can span spooky styles, classy looks, and fashion-forward aesthetics). What’s more, gothic jewelry often features large, dark gemstones that evoke the tradition of using black onyx as a part of occult symbols in jewelry [13]. Black (and near-black) gemstonesoften appear in protective jewelry designs, as the mystic and spiritual beliefs surrounding them say that they absorb negative energy [14].

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Celestial Treasures To Channel Your Inner (Good) Witch

Celestial themes in jewelry — including zodiac signs and symbols, moons, stars, and constellations — have gained popularity as a kind of gentle expression of esoteric spirituality [15]. Often linked to astrology and mythology, these jewelry designs capture all the power, mystery, and historical significance of popular occult symbols. Yet they include none of the dark, cult-ish, and classically witchy vibes customarily given off by other occult symbols in jewelry.

Where traditional use of occult symbols in jewelry appeal to the adventurous, bold, and innovative, celestial themes in jewelry tend to speak more softly, appealing to quiet, compassionate, and sensitive creatives. Named one of the six biggest fall jewelry trends, celestial jewelry is inspired by nature and naturally the perfect jewelry for those who are down-to-earth or who have their heads in the stars [16]. Jewelry symbolizing celestial bodies is especially en vogue and, at the same time, classic.

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Moon Necklaces

Moon symbolism is one of the most popular presentations of occult symbols in jewelry designs this fall season. Like the evil eye, the moon in both its full and crescent forms has come to represent similar spiritual, astrological, and mystical things within a wide variety of different cultures [17]. The crescent moon — either waxing or waning — often serves as a powerful, ancient symbol of victory over death, rebirth, and femininity [18]. In its waning form, it is also said to specifically negate, unwind, and otherwise undo harm and negative influences when used in protective jewelry [19]. Full moon jewelry designs have also served for centuries as protective jewelry, keeping travelers safe and amplifying the creative and healing powers of women, especially during childbirth and near children [20]. OurFull Moon Diamond Necklace andCrescent Moon Diamond Necklace conjure up these same powerful meanings, creating a delicate, new-age presentation of old-world power.

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Constellation Jewelry

Constellation jewelry is the most popular use of celestial themes in jewelry. Like other occult symbols in jewelry, each constellation and heavenly body symbolized carries its own meaning and mythology, though they embody power and mystery. Historically, celestial themes in jewelry have indicated power, an interest in travel, and connections with beauty and glamour [21]. Moreover, specific constellations evoke the ancient myths and meanings associated with their namesakes.

For example, our Cassiopeia Constellation Necklace symbolizes the Cassiopeia constellation, which was significant to ancient Greeks and Romans, early Christians, the Inca, the Maori, and Ancient Egyptian and Australian Aboriginal cultures [22]. Across these cultures, this constellation came to symbolize the passage of winter and the birth of spring, the divide between worlds, and the change in the seasons [23]. Wearing the symbol of the Crux constellation as a part of contemporary fall jewelry trends, then, is both fashion-forward and historically informed. Like other uses of occult symbols in jewelry, jewelry depicting this constellation can be both empowering and protective. Similarly, our Artemis Earrings andPleiades Constellation Ring also each exemplify celestial themes in jewelry. These pieces all represent both the mystery of the unknown “out there,” as well as the exploration of the universe within [24]. 


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