What does a wedding band symbolize?

August 11, 2021

What does a wedding band symbolize? By Valley Rose

The timeless emblem of love and commitment, magical beginnings and a promise of a lifetime!

A marriage between two people demands an exchange of rings that has existed throughout history, carrying a meaning that is both spiritual and personal. According to tradition, a woman is adorned with two types of rings on her finger, an engagement ring and a wedding band. An engagement ring is gifted to her by her man at the time of proposal to signify their approaching marriage where as a wedding band is presented to her on the day of her wedding to cement the bond of their everlasting love. But the important meaning of wedding bands is only known to those who wear them.

But what is the real difference between a wedding band and an engagement ring? If you are totally obsessed with your engagement ring, do you really need a wedding band? Or can you simply wear your engagement ring at all times after you are married? What if you want to throw tradition out the window, skip the engagement ring and have a say in the choice and design of your wedding band? Opting to diversify your wedding or engagement ring selection is a great idea, after all it’s going to be your big day, you can do whatever you want and wedding bands offer the opportunity to add more glamour.

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Wedding band vs. engagement ring

A wedding band is usually a simple ring and typically much more modest in design. In most cases, wedding bands don’t feature large diamonds or gemstones. Classic styles tend to match the engagement ring stones and metal type as to not overpower the sparkle. If you want, you can opt of styles that are different to adorn your finger like an eternity band, stand-alone bands or a pavé which may or may not match the style of the engagement ring

Engagement rings

Most engagement rings usually feature a centre stone that are often accompanied with accent stones or side stones. The most important aspect is choosing a style that you love and will enjoy wearing. Engagement ring styles range from sustainable diamond rings like thisOphelia Ringor handmade Isobel Ring


Do you need a wedding ring and an engagement ring?

Whether you choose a wedding ring, an engagement ring or both, it all comes down to personal preference. 

You can stick to tradition and wear both of them or go your way and make a choice that suits your individual taste, some brides even choose to wear a stack of three or more bands with mixed styles and metals. 

Some people are happy with wearing only one ring rather than a stack of two, this also saves up a lot of time and hassle in picking out rings that match. Going for a single ring also makes sense if you and your partner want to put that money saved towards a more striking single standout ring. Plus, it is one less ring to worry about if you have butter fingers (wink)

When it comes to wedding rings, you can make and break rules. Your wedding ring can mean whatever you want it to mean. The sky is the limit when it comes to ideas and options <3 

Since a wedding band is something with a great sentimental value, you should take as much time you need to find the perfect piece so that it can be cherished forever. Choosing wedding jewelry that honors the earth and meets the standard of ethical and responsible sourcing will hold special meaning for a lifetime.

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