Top 10 Ethical Mother's Day Gifts

May 01, 2020

Top 10 Ethical Mother's Day Gifts

Earth Honoring Jewelry for Moms with Style

This Mother’s Day will go down in history! Mom's have taken on so much these last couple weeks. This Mother’s Day all Mommas need some extra appreciation and love for holding it all down during this unprecedented time. We have rounded up our top 10 gifts for mom to make her feel like the goddess she is!

phases of the moon studs

1. Phases of The Moon Studs, $166 a pair

These earrings are a classic staple, mix and match these conceptual celestial shapes for the perfect gift she will wear everyday. 

etoile sapphire 14k studs

2. Etoile Studs, $220 a pair

Etoile is french for star, get these for mom because she is the star of your life. She will never take these off and be reminded of your gift everyday.


luna studs 14k gold sapphire

3. Luna Studs, $225 a pair

Crescent moons symbolize feminine energy and the passage of time, gift this sweet earring set to honor her cosmic devotion to you.


14k sapphire earring hoops

4. Mini Etoile Hoops, $390 a pair

The Etoile hoops are perfect for the mom that has laid back style but needs just a little subtle sparkle for her everyday.



14k sapphire necklace

5. Stella Necklace, $645 necklace, $270 charm

The stella necklace charm can be stacked on a chain to symbolize all of mom's little babes. Or wear one alone to symbolize moms stellar beauty.


14k gold moon charm diamond sapphire

6. Luna Necklace$665 necklace, $315 charm

The crescent moon is such a special symbol that every mom can wear. This moon is studded with sparkling sapphires or diamonds. Gift to mom to show your appreciation of her strength and her undying love for you.  


14k gold white sapphire diamond necklace

7. Three Sisters Necklace$690 necklace, $340 charm

Three is such a powerful number, maybe your mother has three children or has three people in your family. This cluster of stones illustrate the feminine family bond.


14k gold sapphire ring

8. Etoile Ring$365

Maybe this year mom needs a ring to mark this special and somewhat challenging time, the etoile ring is perfect for that. Understated and elegant and delicately beautiful.


14k diamond ring

9. Orion's Belt Ring$660 (conflict-free diamond)

Treat mom to the ultimate celestial classic, in diamonds. The Orion's Belt ring is inspired by the most famous constellation in the night sky and gifting this ring to mom will be a reminder of how she is the center of your universe. 


14k sapphire stacking ring

10. Cassiopeia Ring, Large$465

Gift mom this perfect stacking band to layer over her wedding ring set. The Cassiopeia ring is inspired by the constellation of the same name and symbolizes eternal beauty. 

gift card 14k solid gold

11. Gift Card!

Can't decide what to get her? Why not gift mom a gift card and let her shop for exactly what she wants. 

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