New Earring Trends: Celestial Earrings

August 11, 2021

New Earring Trends: Celestial Earrings By Valley Rose

zodiac jewelry chart

Wearing celestial jewelry is as beautiful a sensation as gazing at celestial objects! There is a feeling of limitless power like infinite heavens and hope as that of a shooting star.


Humans have been taking inspiration from constellations. They look up to the night sky to understand the purpose of their lives. To get answers, humans naturally take their eyes up to the stars. 

Besides, humans have always been connected to jewelry. For thousands of years, they have been adorning themselves with jewelry for protection against evil spirits and to gain spirituality and magical powers. Studying zodiacs and symbolizing gemstones to horoscopes is an ancient believed practice.  

And after the pandemic, when knowing the purpose of life became the primary purpose of everyone, people got more into zodiac signs and the powers of the celestial realm. 

The reasons together make celestial jewelry more timeless than any other jewelry trend. 

When it comes to not overdoing your jewelry, wearing earrings is the best choice. No outfit is complete without earrings because they highlight your facial features and provide shape and balance to it (always needed, right?).

Keeping in mind the trendy needs, Valley Rose Fine Jewelry brings for you the finest planetary earring collection that you will keep cherishing in the long run. Below is our latest earring collection that will keep you up to date with the latest celestial jewelry trend. 


galaxy dangle earrings 14k diamond celestial star studs statement

  1. Galaxy Dangle Earrings

This timeless piece inspired by true celestial patterns is everlasting beauty that will elevate all your looks. 

hoop earrings 14k diamond celestial star studs statement Juno

  1. Juno Hoops

The very bold Juno Hoops are inspired by Juno - goddess of protection of marriage and women. These go perfectly when it comes to layering your ears. 

galaxy cuff earrings 14k diamond celestial star studs statement

  1. Juno Cuff

This is another piece from our Juno-inspired collection. These ear cuffs are one of a kindthat will make you stand out.

galaxy hoop earrings 14k diamond celestial star studs statement

  1. Galaxy Hoops

If you need a freezing moment, these Galaxy Hoops from our Galaxy-inspired collection are the right call. Their perimeter is laced with diamonds from both outsides and inside, making you sparkle from everywhere. 

galaxy stud earrings 14k diamond celestial star studs statement

  1. Celeste Earrings

If you are looking for something that compliments your second hole, place your bets on our Celeste Earrings.

Celestial Earrings - Historical Perspective

If we talk about the history of celestial jewelry, it dates back to ancient civilization. Greeks and Romans have been decorating crescent and star-shaped asterisms to represent their respective powers; like the moon represents wisdom, life cycle, new beginnings, femininity, and time passage while stars behold the meanings of love, romance, protection, life’s mystery, and fate. 

In recent years, celestial jewelry became popular in the 19th century in the Georgian and Victorian eras as a symbol of romanticism. 

Let’s Wrap Up!

Do you think stars, moon, sun, or constellations are going anywhere? They are timeless, and so is this jewelry trend. People have always associated themselves with these iconic symbols, and now is the time where hope is needed more than ever, and our earring collection is perfect for giving your life some meaning. 

Need we say more?

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