How To Propose To Your Partner?

June 18, 2023

How To Propose To Your Partner? By Valley Rose


If you have found the love of your life, popping the question should be your next plan (as long as you are on the same page, of course). However, engagement and marriage proposals are some of the most important moments of our lives, so they have to be creative and special. So, if you are ready to get engaged and married, we have some great ideas for you!

how to propose on the beach

how to propose to your partner

The Engagement Proposal Ideas

It doesn’t matter if your partner loves some national park, a hotel, or rooftop, just find a place that’s significant to you. So, just take them on a date and get on your knee to ask the million-dollar question

  • If you guys like music performances, hire the brass band or a choir for a special performance and ask the performers to sing a love song while you propose
  • If your partner loves sketches and arts, take a stroll around the neighbourhood and plan a surprise with the street caricaturist. That being said, ask caricaturist to create your couple’s sketch and add “will you marry me?” in the bubble
  • Another idea is planning a treasure hunt if your partner likes to dig up stuff. It’s suggested to start clues from the bedroom and plan the last quest at their favorite restaurant. Once they reach the restaurant, get down on the knees and ask the question
  • If you have a club date planned, go there, and ask the DJ to give you access to the mic. When you get the mic, dedicate a love song to your partner, and ask for their hand

 engagement ring design ideas

Engagement Rings Inspirations

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect place to pop the question, you also need to find the right engagement ring because it’s something your love will cherish forever. Some engagement ring styles include;

  • Band Style Rings – these engagement rings are perfect for people who want an elegant and sophisticated engagement ring. These rings are set with a pear or square diamond with an eternity band
  • Classic Ring – if you want a timeless engagement ring, opting for a classic ring style, such as a three-stone and solitaire ring is a good choice. However, if you want to add a modern twist, opt for a cushion and round diamonds
  • European Cut Rings – if you want something vintage but don’t have a family heirloom, just opt for the European cuts in diamonds and create a legacy ring

engagement ring boxes for proposals

Engagement Boxes

Okay, so we have completed the two most important steps, but you cannot ignore the engagement ring box. That’s because an engagement ring box can change the entire proposal aesthetic, so let’s see some options;

  • Wooden Box – if your partner is into sustainable fashion and you don’t want to compromise on style, just opt for the wooden box. These boxes have a natural appearance and look pretty luxurious
  • Geometric Box – for people who want sophistication and luxury, go for the geometric boxes covered with velvet or silk fabric. Also, the glass boxes look equally amazing in geometric shapes
  • Rotating Box – it’s a creative yet luxurious option for people who want to propose in style. That’s because these boxes have a rotating stand in the central area and the ring will be visible from the sides!
custom ethical engagement rings by valley rose studio

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