Guide To Rustic Diamonds: What You Need To Know About These Natural Stones

March 01, 2023

Guide To Rustic Diamonds: What You Need To Know About These Natural Stones By Valley Rose


The fine jewelry trends might be in constant rotation, however, our soft spot for diamonds is eternal. Nonetheless, rustic diamonds reach some of the highest standards of excellence, no wonder why they are so coveted! Just in case you are on the hunt for the perfect diamond jewelry, we rounded up a summary of everything you need to know about ethical rusted diamonds. What is so special about them? How are they being shaped? Why choose them above all else? The answer is pretty simple.


What are rustic diamonds?

Just as the name suggests, rustic diamonds are original, natural, and untouched. Each stone looks utterly unique and different in its own, mesmerizing way. Diamonds are known for being the purest form of carbon molecules with no substitutes. Formed deep under the ground's surface level, these stones come in contact with an array of minerals. As a result, diamonds are often blended with so-called "impurities" due to the natural formation process. In reality, only 20% of diamonds are cut into elegant stones and surprisingly, the remaining 80% is deemed as "high inclusive" due to its natural formation, thus, it cannot create an elegant, polished diamond. Does that mean that rustic diamonds aren't worth it? Absolutely not. 


Why are rustic diamonds so popular?


Rustic diamond jewelry is considered even more unique and beautiful after they've been cut and polished. More and more women are turning to rustic cut diamonds in order to have a natural diamond engagement ring that is absolutely one-of-a-kind. The colors and clarity differ a lot from one style to another, making it the perfect option for everyone who wishes to stand out.


 In fact, rose cuts date back to the 16th century, which makes them popular long before the traditional, classic round shape. Rustic diamond jewelry comes in an array of colors such as grey, pink, green, and yellow as a result of the different minerals that grow inside each stone during the formation process. 


 Best Ethical rustic diamond jewelry

pear cut grey rustic diamond earrings

Pear Cut Grey Rustic Diamond Earrings - Vinea Ear Climbers


These one-of-a-kind earrings are adorned with strikingly gorgeous, moody grey salt and pepper diamonds in a feminine pear cut shape. This sustainable jewelry piece features a salt and pepper pears in a nature inspired vine shape for textural balance of sparkle and unmissable glow.

 icy pear cut grey rustic diamond necklace

Pear Cut Icy Grey Diamond Necklace - Astrea Crescent Necklace


Our gorgeously crafted, sustainable necklace combines the beauty of 3 rustic grey pear diamonds, ethically sourced with eco-friendliness in mind. 

 multi-stone brilliant cut grey rustic diamond engagement ring

Brilliant Cut Multi-Stone Rustic Diamond Ring - Isobel Ring


The breathtaking 1.52 carat rustic diamond with galaxy inclusions lays prominent at the center of this sustainable engagement ring. The centerpiece is accompanied by certified recycled diamondsmade by hand by our small team of artisans.

custom ethical engagement rings by valley rose studio

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