Future Heirlooms: How to Shop for the Perfect Necklace

August 11, 2021

Future Heirlooms: How to Shop for the Perfect Necklace By Valley Rose

Who doesn’t like to turn heads and become the center of attention of the gathering? A woman’s dressing is incomplete without the perfect piece of jewelry, and a necklace is the first thing that catches the eye. 

Be it a personalized gift for yourself or your significant other; a necklace is one fine thing that holds solid sentiments and is something where all eyes fall upon. 

Having the right necklace around your neckline is as perfect as your favorite magazine cover. But what makes a necklace perfect? Below is a buying guide to help you make the right call on your next jewelry shopping venture!

Shopping Guide to Necklace Styles

You cannot just wear any necklace with any dress on any occasion, right? There are some factors you need to consider to complement things at their best.

  1. Your Personal Style

Are you someone who prefers flashy, vibrant, and colorful outfits? Or is your personality subtle? Buying a necklace that does not go well with your personality will end up lying in your drawer, lost somewhere. Pick something that you can wear in the long run. 

fairmined gold valley rose studio rustic grey diamond emerald cut necklace

For a dainty look, you can opt for something like a Lucia Necklace that features an ethical diamond.

fairmined gold valley rose jewelry rustic green sapphire diamond necklace

Boreal Crescent Necklace is one of its kind with Madagascan vibrant green sapphire accented with white sapphires if you prefer eye-catchy colors.

fairmined gold valley rose jewelry rustic grey pear diamond necklace

The Astrea Crescent Necklace compliments all personal styles, be it classy or flashy.

  1. Consider Occasion and Other Jewelry

Pick the right necklace for the right occasion. For a special occasion, you can go for something fancier or expensive. An everyday wear necklace can be minimalistic and simple.

Also, ensure to match your necklace with other jewelry. The color of your chain, earrings, or bracelets should all be parallel. 

  1. Go Personalized

Is there something better than a personalized necklace? If you are someone who is into horoscopes, celestial chains are great. They reflect your zodiac sign, and you can find diamondsthat are a meaningful symbolismof your personality. 

fairmined gold valley rose jewelry diamond necklace letter alphabet custom name charm

Another way to wear personalized necklaces is to wear Alphabet Bead Charms. Go for your name initials or thread your full name in the chain. These chains are also perfect for layering. 

  1. Be Trendy

There are times when you are not sure what to adorn your neckline with. The trend is the savior! It shows you have a good taste for fashion, and no one would question your personal choices for wearing a trendy necklace.  

  1. Choose the Right Length

Not every length goes with every neckline style. Longer chains are better embellished with a high neckline or a turtleneck. Shorter chains can be best worn with open neck styles like V-neck, boatneck, or off-shoulder.

Why Necklaces Make Perfect Personalized Gifts?

Has anyone ever given you a customized gift? If yes, you already know the feeling of being on cloud nine. Personalized gifts make you feel special. Necklaces make the greatest personalized gifts because:

  1. They narrate your most cherishable moments to almost every eye that sees them.
  2. They show how much someone means to you.
  3. They reveal you take care of the tiny details of your relationship.
  4. They are heirloom-worthy.
  5. They are just better in every aspect!


For an expressive and sensual look, a necklace is a perfect jewelry piece that complements your style and neckline. For choosing impeccable necklaces, follow the right tips and be the star of the night!

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