Why Lab Diamonds Are The Future of Sustainable & Ethical Jewelry

May 24, 2022 2 Comments

Why Lab Diamonds Are The Future of Sustainable & Ethical Jewelry

The Search for The Ethical and Sustainable Diamond is Over

An otherworldly gorgeous sparkle on your finger might be absolutely beautiful to look at, but is it ethically sourced and conflict free? 

There has been a negative stigma surrounding the diamond industry for years, so let's discover what is true, and where to find the most sustainable diamond available today that is going to change the world for the better.


How did we get here? Let's First Explore the Dark Side of Diamond Mining 

In 1866, the first 22-carat diamond was accidentally found in what's now known as South Africa. The then small, historically colonized community of Cape Town quickly became the leader of the world's diamond sourcing, along with Kimberly, South Africa. Notably, Cecil Rhodes founded De Beers; a historic and still relevant monopoly on diamond sourcing that continues influencing the market to this day. 

Most of the worlds diamonds come from massive open-pit mining operations. These mines are huge beyond the scope of imagination, and are particularly destructive to the environment and the communities nearby. While most modern day diamonds can be traced from these giant mines like the Diavik mine in Canada, some can still come from unestablished sources that use unethical practices. This untraceable sourcing aspect of the diamond industry is one we enthusiastically oppose.

The marketing campaign by De Beers and others to convince consumers that diamonds are rare has led to demand for these mined diamonds and subsequent exploitation of people, communities, and the earth. As a vast majority of diamond mining practices are ethically and environmentally harmful (see here), it is of utmost importance to help you stay informed while exploring your options. This way you can find diamonds that match your principles and aesthetic.

Therein lies the importance of making a conscientious decision about the diamond you want. There are fantastic organizations doing a lot to empower disenfranchised communities through small scale mining, such as Gem Legacy, so there are ethical options for earth mined precious gemstones. Should you choose a diamond from the earth, we encourage you to choose one that can be legitimately traced to its source. The more direct information transmitted from the mine to the purchaser, the better!

The other option is to skip over the veritable minefield that is the mine to market process entirely, and choose a humane and earth-friendly sustainably grown diamond. 

 Why Sustainable Lab Grown Diamonds are Going to Change the World

The Diamond of the Future: Sustainably Lab Grown Diamonds

Not all lab-grown diamonds are created equal. New innovations have reached the marketplace that allow direct diamond traceability with little impact to the earth. These grown diamonds  are chemically identical to an earth diamond, but they do not get mined (with all the subsequent negative ethical and environmental consequences) out of the earth. It doesn't get much better than that.

Forget what you may have heard about Lab Grown Diamonds they are not inferior to earth mined diamonds in any way. For the first time in history these exclusive grown diamonds have far surpassed traditional earth mined diamonds in sustainability and ethics without compromising on beauty. 

 sustainable lab grown diamond engagement rings

Isobel Engagement Ring a customizable design featuring a the premiere SCS sustainably rated lab grown diamond.

Valley Rose is among the first brands to be accredited to carry the highest quality sustainably grown diamonds you can find. We are proud to partner with WD Lab Grown Diamonds, who in tandem with Valley Rose, have achieved the highest sustainability rating committed to practices that honor the earth. This rigorous certification process was achieved though SCS Global Services, whose goal is to create new diamond industry standards based on sustainability. We are currently accredited for SCS's New Sustainably Rated Diamond Standard.

Traceable & Ethical: The Pillars of Sustainable Achievement 

The new SCS sustainable diamond standard was created to bring something that was sorely needed in the jewelry space: accountability and trust. This revolutionary new accreditation not only addresses the need for innovation and improvement in the diamond industry, but it also introduces the fifth C: C- Climate Neutrality. One cut above the traditional diamond four C’s, (cut, color, clarity, and carat) Climate Neutrality is also something that needs to be considered when talking about diamonds as it has been one of the biggest contributors to pollution and environmental destruction. Besides climate neutrality these diamonds guarantee origin traceability using SCI forensic analysis, a robust ethical stewardship program by social justice experts, and sustainability investments made towards ASM mining communities.   

Sustainably Rated Lab Grown Engagement Ring Collection by Valley Rose

 sustainable ethical environmentally friendly lab grown engagement ring fairmined

Ava Solitaire Ring


Using certified climate neutral and Sustainably Rated lab grown diamonds, our Sustainable Engagement Ring Collection is committed to making sustainability beautiful. Each bespoke piece is manufactured locally with love in California’s Sonoma Valley. The collection is a vivid exploration into the brilliance of diamonds. Each one of our carefully crafted engagement rings and wedding bands feature materials that meet the highest standards for ethical and responsible sourcing. From a classic solitaire design, to unique multi-stone engagement rings, and custom bespoke design work, any design you love will be guaranteed to be eco-conscious from beginning to end! 


Explore the Sustainable Engagement Ring Collection

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Etika Jewels
Etika Jewels

June 12, 2023

Thank you for providing this information. A sustainable diamond is one that has been ethically sourced, such as one created in a lab using environmentally friendly methods or one that has been reused, reset, or resized. If someone requires additional information on this subject, they can additionally reach us at https://etikajewels.com/are-lab-grown-diamonds-more-sustainable-answered/

saumil soni
saumil soni

June 12, 2023

Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful article. Thanks and keep sharing.
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