How to Shop for An Engagement Ring Online: Top FAQ's Answered

April 09, 2020

How to Shop for An Engagement Ring Online: Top FAQ's Answered


In this video today I answer all your burning questions when it comes to shopping for and getting your engagement ring. I cover engagement ring design and inspiration, how to find your ring size, what metals to use for an engagement ring, what precious gemstones to use for an engagement ring, what are the 4 C's of diamonds, how to figure out your budget when purchasing an engagement ring, and lastly how long does an engagement ring take to make.


Engagement Ring FAQs


What is the best design for an engagement ring?

I see a lot more dainty designs and non-traditional designs these days. The best design is the design you love. It’s totally up to you! You can wear a stacking band as your engagement rings and a solitaire as your wedding band. The design totally depends on your partners style and any other symbolic elements about your relationship. Some couples opt for rings inspired by  their favorite constellation like the Andromeda and Pleiades, and one couple went for the Pacifica ring because of their love of the ocean and the color blue. I say the more unconventional and more unique the better. Gone are the days of boring diamond solitaires.

How do I Find my Ring Size?

Finding your ring size can be tricky when ordering online. But the best way is to order a sizing set online and match it to my jewelry tools. Otherwise download a sizing sheet and wrap paper around your finger and measure that way. You can also use the sizing sheet to measure against a ring you already have by placing it over the sizes. Rule of thumb for ring sizing, it’s better to size up then size down. You should also measure your ring size in the late afternoon because you will be slightly bigger than the morning.


 What metals should I use for my engagement ring?

The best metals are going to be 14K or 18K gold or platinum. Please don't use gold fill or gold plated you will be really bummed later when the gold quickly wears off and these are not sustainable metal choices. Sterling silver may be tempting but it will not stand up to wear and tear. At Valley Rose we offer 14K fairmined rose gold and yellow gold. Our fairmined gold has strict ethical and ecological standards. Read more about our gold here.


What stones can I use for my engagement ring?

There is a reason that diamonds and sapphires are common in engagement ring designs. It's because they are the only stones that have a high MOHs hardness and will be able to stand up to daily wear. I only recommended sapphires, garnets, rubies and diamonds for engagement rings. All other stones like opals, moonstone, pearls or turquoise will be way too soft and will crack, scratch over the years. Prepare to replace your stone many times if you go with something other than a diamond or a sapphire.  Your birthstone or partner's birthstone may be tempting but it is not recommended because you have to consider that this ring will be worn everyday. You need a durable stone that will last and not shatter or crack. Rustic diamonds are a great alternative to the traditional diamond and come in stunning shapes and designs. 

      What are the 4 Cs of diamonds?

      The 4 Cs of diamonds are carat, cut, clarity, and color. Unless requested we source G/H/I (near colorless), and SI clarity (slightly included). This is the best bang for your buck because the flaws cannot be seen by the unaided eye and add character and warmth. We also believe that you don't have to follow the traditional diamond grading and have to have the “perfect diamond” for an engagement ring. Rustic diamonds are a beautiful non-traditional option and have lots of natural imperfections, carbon inclusions and unusual colors make us swoon.

          How do I determine my budget and finance an engagement ring?

          There is a rumor that three months salary is how much you should pay for a ring. That is not true! To find out your budget just ask yourself what you feel comfortable with spending on your ring and start there. I offer financing and also custom payment options that fit every budget. I specialize in creative designs that are accessible. I can also work with you to help you design a ring and “stretch your budget” to get a ring you love. 

              How long does it take to make an engagement ring?

              We all really want things tomorrow, but for something like an engagement ring or a custom design please mentally prepare for 6-8 weeks. Making engagement rings is a time consuming process and it's worth the wait I promise. But for instant gratification I do carry a lot of ready to ship styles if you are short on time. Check out my current ready to ship collection here. Otherwise reach out to me with your deadline, I try to accommodate the best I can on a case by case basis.

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                Sizing & Care

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