The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

November 09, 2021

The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Shop Local, Eco- Conscious Sparkles for All Your Jewelry Gifting Needs.

Looking for a sustainable and gorgeous jewel to bring some sparkle and joy to your loved ones? We have a delightful selection of jewelry for all the most special people in your life! 

From Mothers’ gifts, to sisters presents, to all the occasions for your beloved- find anniversary, push presents, and of course- you guessed it- HOLIDAY GIFTING all in one spot at Valley Rose. We offer a highly varietal price spectrum, so anyone you need to find a gift for can be accommodated. And the best part is- our collections are designed to be built upon, so you’ll never have to worry about what to gift on future occasions. 

Let’s start with some gifting inspiration for Mom:

Show some love to the mom in your life with a bauble she’ll cherish forever. 

  1. The Hippie Initial Charm: 

We adore this luxe boho chic design. Customize this necklace to spell out your beloved’s name, or any word you’d like! Looking for a great new mom, or push present idea? This one’s for you! Made exclusively with eco conscious gold, you can choose from recycled or grown diamonds for some added sparkle. 

2. Everyday Earrings: 

Moms on the go know how important it is to have jewels that can be fabulous, comfortable, and effortless. The super easy to wear Juno Huggie Hoop earrings make the perfect gift for mom that we guarantee will be loved 24/7. 

3. Constellation Charms: Choose a constellation charm for everyone you love! This is great gift idea for moms to wear each sign of her kids (and beloved) close to her heart. Wear your gold zodiacs stacked on a fair mined chain for a timeless and sentimental look. *This is also a great lover’s or friend gift idea! After all- an eco conscious, fair mined astrological jewelry is coveted and rare. 



Jewels on a Budget: 

Great for everyone on your list! 

Nothing says a bond to last a lifetime more than a heirloom jewel. Make that jewel sustainable, and you have a symbol of bonding to span the ages. Here are a few eco conscious jewelry ideas that are budget friendly:

  1. The Mars Band: 

Put it on your pinkie, wear it alone, or stack it with your other rings, this ubiquitously classic fair mined 14k brushed gold band is a as versatile as it is chic! Buy one for yourself and all your loves, and you’ll have a subtle, timeless, and deeply sentimental token of connection. We love that this gold band is designed to have some unique organic texture, making it a cool, contemporary take on an eternal motif. Choose it in white, yellow, or rose gold… you can also stack all three colors! 

2. Phases of the Moon Stud Earrings: 

Great for gifting on a budget, our fair mined Moon Phase 14k gold earrings run for below $100, and can be mixed and matched. These are perfect to layer in to a multiple piercing look, or to be worn alone for subtle elegant look. Our Stud earrings are designed to be mixed in with other collections, and can be collected over time for a magical array of ear baubles. 


3. Etoile Studs: 

Looking for the perfect dainty diamond stud earring? These sweet studs come in yellow or rose gold, and feature a dainty fair mined diamond. Integrate them with our other earring deigns, or wear alone for a petite elegant look. 



Extra Special Holiday Gifting: 

Need some specifically special eco conscious and sustainable jewelry gift inspiration? Here’s a few of our favorite stand out pieces that are perfect to gift this holiday season: 

  1. Messia Necklace

 A timeless classic she’s sure to love. This amazing curved diamond bar necklace integrates eco conscious white sapphires or recycled diamonds into luxe gold to create a twinkling masterpiece. This necklace can be worn all the time, dressed up or down, making it the perfect addition to her jewelry wardrobe. Named after the star Messia in the constellation Orion, this twinkling design speaks of timeless, infinite beauty and love. 


2. Galaxy Dangle Earrings

Surprise her with the perfect holiday earrings! These exceptionally lovely dangles are sparkly, festive, and most importantly wearable. Dress them up with any holiday look, and they’ll shine fabulously. Dress them down with a chic white tee & jeans, and you’re ready to hit the town. Either way, this is a memorable gift is guaranteed to delight. 


3. Mark The Passage of Time With a Stacking Band: 


Take a peek at our website, and you will see a lovely variety of unique stacking bands! These make a delightful holiday gift designed to layer over time. Choose a band in simple eco conscious gold, or throw some recycled or grown diamonds in for added sparkle.  

We offer unique shapes too; should you want to add a unique stacking element next to your engagement ring, there are so many options to choose from! One of our favorites is the Eve ring. Coming to a point marked with a diamond, this ring brings unique dimension to your finger. 



Eco- Conscious Engagement: 


Of course, we can’t forget about the ultimate holiday surprise- a dream engagement ring! 

We offer bespoke custom engagement rings that are sustainably rated, eco conscious, and undeniably gorgeous- how romantic is that?! Book a consultation today, or shop our selection of sustainable, eco conscious engagement rings on our website.



Custom Jewels 


Does your love dream of a specific gemstone? Maybe a larger diamond solitaire pendant necklace that’s also sustainable? We have so many options for custom jewels- please reach out to help@valleyrose.com to learn more.

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