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September's Birthstone: Sparkling Sapphires

September 16, 2019

September's Birthstone: Sparkling Sapphires

We are celebrating September's birthstone with new vibrant watercolor Montana Sapphires designs. These bi-color stones showcase nature’s creativity with tie dye like swirls of blues and teals. Believed to represent wisdom and holiness, Sapphires are cosmic wonders encapsulate the beauty of the sea and the sky.

These sustainable heirlooms are crafted with earth honoring materials like fairmined gold. Plus one tree is planted for every purchase to offset my carbon footprint.

In ancient times sapphires were associated with royalty and used to be more common as an engagement ring than diamonds. At Valley Rose Studio, we love designing with sapphires because of their vibrant hues but also because they are almost as strong as a diamond and can withstand our unique casting process. 

Deep royal blues hues have been favored for centuries in this gem species inspiring the name "Sapphirus" a derivative of the latin word for blue. Now many colors of sapphire are celebrated and it is no longer becoming associated with the distinctive blue shade. Sapphires come in every color of the rainbow from reds to purples and also gorgeous colorless white like a diamond. Classic white sapphires are a signature stone over here at Valley Rose Studio because their sparkle is so similar to a diamond yet without the diamond price tag. 

Sapphires also come in unique gradient shades or ombre like effects. These types of sapphires are called bi-color or parti sapphires. Once looked down upon as lesser quality specimen for not being a perfect uniform hue, parti sapphires are now are celebrated for their one of a kind washes of color. 

Check out our newest collection of Tidal Blue parti sapphires as well as Oceanic Teal parti sapphires. These one of a kind designs are inspired by the beauty of nature and the magic of the cosmos. Also be sure to get in touch, I would love to design a custom sapphire ring just for you!



teal blue montana sapphire ethical engagement rings in 14k fairmined goldteal blue montana sapphire ethical engagement rings in 14k fairmined gold

teal blue montana sapphire ethical engagement rings in 14k fairmined gold

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