Last Minute & Eco-Friendly Mother's Day Gift Ideas

May 06, 2020

Last Minute & Eco-Friendly Mother's Day Gift Ideas

If your like me your a last minute shopper. Don't worry I got some unexpected gift ideas that will still show mom your love from afar. I am keeping it local to Sonoma County by sharing my favorite artists and stores from California Wine Country. These pieces have a focus on sustainability, ethical sourcing and eco friendly packaging so you can be sure that your purchase gives back to the community.


1. Eco Chic Gift Sets From Tamarind

The beautiful and sweet ladies at Tamarind have put together some inspiring and beautiful gift baskets that feature local wines, handcrafted fragrance and ethical accessories. 


2. Honey Folk Organic Masks

Heidi from Honey Folk makes beautiful clothing (and children's toys too: Marcella loves her mushroom baby). Heidi specializes in organic textiles using natural plants to hand dye them gorgeous custom colors. She has recently however been making these chic masks in her staple fabrics. 


3. Dogwood CBD Calendula Face & Body Cream from Farmacopia

Farmacopia is my local neighborhood apothecary of sorts, before the shelter in place Marcella and I would walk here to get our tinctures and supplements. I have been crushing over their Dogwood Collab and have heard amazing things about this all-in-one cream. 


14k gold white sapphire diamond necklace

4. Three Sisters Necklace by Valley Rose

This little beaut is ready to ship! Three is such a powerful number, maybe your mother has three children or has three people in your family. This cluster of stones illustrate the feminine family bond and the stability and security of motherhood.



5. Frankincense & Rose Body Oil

Also by Farmacopia is this heavenly body oil that is sure to amp up Mom's self care routine. 


6. Pennyroyal Carryall

My neighbors over at In The Making have an amazing selection of home goods, art and also their in House brand Pennyroyal. I have been obsessing over these carryalls because of their ample size but also timeless design. 



7. Flower Press from California Sister

Instead of a bouquet of flowers why not get mom a flower press so that she can cherish the flowers you collect together when you meet again. 


8. Siri Hansdotter Holding Necklace

My friend and jeweler Siri makes beautiful heartfelt jewelry that focuses on textures and ceremonial pieces. This necklace is a beautiful statement for the mom that is always there for you. 


9. Galaxy Milk by Kani from Siri Hansdotter

Siri has impeccable taste so when I saw that she carried this beauty oil in her shop I knew it is going to be divine! Please someone get me this or maybe I'll treat myself with my stimulus money. 


10. Organic Cotton & Hemp Apron from Miracle Plum

The positive thing about the quarantine is that we are all in the kitchen 24/7 now. Does anyone else feel like they clean their kitchen now non stop but the sink is still full of dishes? Anyways an apron is perfect for mom so she can feel stylish while baking that quarantine bread.


11. Sister Harvest Cocoa from Miracle Plum

I gifted this to my Sister in law one year and we are both obsessed. It has yummy cocoa but also very fancy adaptogens and botanicals that will help lift your mood and keep your body feeling its best. Guilt free chocolate!


12. Goldmine Adaptogen Powder Jar from Miracle Plum

Also from Miracle Plum is this incredible goldmine powder. Just the name alone tells me I need to be taking this everyday. Adaptogens are herbs that help with stress responses and literally every mom needs help with that these days. I love gifting loved ones consumables because they are helpful and also not burdening them with more "stuff."


13. Valley Rose Gift Card

Can't decide what to get her? Or waited till the 11th hour to get her something? Don't worry I got just the thing! Why not gift mom a gift card and let her shop for exactly what she wants. 

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