Introducing the Rainbow Opal Jewelry Collection

August 11, 2021

Introducing the Rainbow Opal Jewelry Collection

Is there any gemstone that is as timeless, as radiant, and as fresh as an opal? We don’t think there is. Opals are mesmerizing gemstones that make you appear luxurious and suit every taste. 

Opal is not just a showstopping gemstone that completes your looks; it also appears as a living rainbow to soothe your eyes. Its gorgeous colors are exciting and unique. The glint compliments your look for every occasion and uplifts your outfits. 

Keeping in mind its radiance and fancies of the jewelry enthusiasts, we, at Valley Rose Fine Jewelry, take pride in introducing our Rainbow Opal Collection. Our opal collection covers your needs, from necklaces to rings and earrings. The hand-crafted designs are cool and give you a dainty look everyone craves for.

Be it an engagement ring or a special gift for someone, we have got you covered with our perfect stone setting that will make you fall in love. 

oval opal necklace Juliet diamond 14k farimined gold ethical valley rose

  1. Juliet Necklace

Juliet Necklace is divine out of our opal collection. The opal-diamond necklace features a perfectly oval opal accented with lab-grown diamonds. The opal is 8.8mm x 6.9mm, while the diamonds have a total carat weight of .19 Cts. 

Moreover, the 18” chain comes with an added 2” extension. So be it an outfit that requires longer necklaces or shorter ones, this necklace will never let you down. 

oval opal ring Juliet diamond 14k farimined gold ethical valley rose

  1. Juliet Ring

This elegant ring belongs to our Juliet-inspired collection. It is the icon of star-crossed lovers and symbolizes romance and love. The exquisite ring comes with six white sapphires and an Australian rainbow opal that is a pure delight to sight. You can also stack it up for a unique style. 

round opal earrings Mira diamond 14k farimined gold ethical valley rose

  1. Mira Earrings

The premium Australian opal Mira Earrings are flattering. They feature ethical white sapphire along with the Australian opal that adds extra sparkle to your ears.

oval opal ring stacking carina diamond 14k farimined gold ethical valley rose 

  1. Carina Ring

This sparkling ring is yet another fine collection in our Rainbow Opal Collection. The ring goes well with every style and suits all occasions because of its versatile and cool design.

round opal ring Juliet diamond 14k farimined gold ethical valley rose

  1. Aurora Ring

Inspired by Aurora - the Roman goddess of dawn, the Aurora ring signifies radiance. Stack it up or wear it solo, the ring has a sensual design, and it can be your next prized possession!

pear opal ring Juliet diamond 14k farimined gold ethical valley rose

  1. Kai Pear Ring

The pear-shaped opal in the ring gives an exquisite look. The irresistible hues of the gemstone make it appear luxurious and perfect to ensemble all seasons. 

tiny opal ring diamond 14k farimined gold ethical valley rose

  1. Phoebe Ring

If you are seeking something that beautifies your goddess energy, Phoebe Ring is the ultimate choice. Named after the Greek goddess of prophetic radiance, the Phoebe Ring also makes a splendid wedding band. 

Let’s Wrap Up!

Opals are tantalizing but delicate at the same time. Their delicacy requires extra precautions and care while you adorn yourself with the alluring gemstone. Since opals are unique, you may receive something slightly different from what you see in pictures. But one constant thing is their lusciousness; no other gemstone can outstand that! 

PS:Our entire jewelry collection is ethical and sustainable. We strive to provide top-notch jewelry with minimal environmental impact. We also offer custom designs with gemstones and other details. Contact us for more information. 

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