Illuminating Motherhood: Larissa Krutewicz

May 09, 2020

Illuminating Motherhood: Larissa Krutewicz

Im excited to share Larissa's story today. She is a momma of 2 littles and runs Living In Color a blog dedicated to all things slow fashion, slow living and hands on parenting. I admire Larissa because she is dedicated to homeschooling (not because of quarantine!), and also nourishes her family with super delish plant based eats. Larissa has a devout following on instagram (@livingincolor) and I look forward to her laid back styling inspo and parenting tips. She has inspired me to get excited about reading to my daughter and making a lot more vegan treats.

Larissa and i recently teamed up to promote my work and I was so flattered to find out that she has been wearing my Orion’s Belt necklace everyday. I thought it would be fun to connect with her and ask her some questions to get an inside look at what’s it’s like for her household during this crazy season.  


What does a typical day look like for you in quarantine?

I love our days together, honestly, and our quarantine schedule isn't much different from our usual schedule. I'm extremely thankful for that! The girls and I wake up, they request a bath, so they play in water while I get ready for the day. I find putting on a tiny bit of make-up and changing out of PJ's helps my mood a lot! We go down for breakfast and coffee, and then they play independently or together while I clean up and I try to pick up a book during this time. It doesn't always happen. Then we make our way to the play room for morning time! Morning time is a moment to connect through singing songs, poetry, and reading. It's been such a wonderful addition to our day (this we started before quarantine!) After morning time, we get outside for a bike ride or hike in our neighborhood. Then it's lunch time, and nap time for my two-year-old. My five-year-old really loves audio books, so she will listen to a chapter book (her current favorite is The Trumpet of the Swan) while I put the baby down. Then we have lunch together and do some sort of handicraft. Sewing, gardening, crafting. This is usually the time I try to do a yoga video or at-home workout too. That doesn't happen often, however. Maybe once a week? After the baby wakes up we head back outside until dinner! Then it's stories and bedtime. Then my hubby and I try to have a few moments together before we go to bed to start it all over again!

When everyone is getting stir crazy, what’s your go to activity?

We GET OUTSIDE! We have a forest trail right behind our house that's been our total haven. I love being outside with my kids. My five year old and two year old are really into birding, so we have fun listening to the different calls or watching them fly overhead. After we come inside and read about them, or record what we saw in our nature journals! So good for the soul.

How do you find balance running @livingincolorblog and being a full time momma?

It can be rough to balance the blog, homeschooling, and mom-ming! I do a lot of "working" at night. I'm fortunate, however, that my main source of income now is sort of a hobby too. I really enjoy blogging, when I have the time. Right now, as my littles are still very young, it's a lot of fitting things in when I can. And I'm okay with that, as I'm a mama first!

Larissa wears the Orion's Belt Necklace. Image courtesy of Larissa Krutewicz @livingincolor


What’s your current springtime vegan meal that’s kid friendly?

Our favorite kid-friendly vegan meal right now is carrot dogs! My girls are loving them! We grill them just like you would meat, and serve them with organic potato chips and gluten-free/vegan buns! If you've never tried them, you've got to!

What’s your favorite part about homeschooling?

My favorite part about homeschooling is watching my children get to experience a rich, full, and magical childhood. I used to teach Kindergarten, and it was really difficult watching what happens to children when they come into school. Children want to play. That's their nature, and unfortunately, the public schools I taught at didn't promote play enough in those early years. It's no one's fault. It's just a broken system. I knew I wanted to be able to offer a childhood full of wonder. To me that looks like lots of time outdoors together, lots of reading books together, and lots of getting to know my child on a personal level, as they spend most of their hours of their day with me, their mama! It's been a great experience so far!

Larissa wears the Orion's Belt Necklace. Image courtesy of Larissa Krutewicz @livingincolor

What does the Orion’s Belt necklace mean to you?

I chose this piece, specifically, because of it's "three" symbol. I love the three stones because they represent my little family. The people I care for most: my husband, and my two daughters. There isn't a day goes by that I don't feel incredibly thankful to be here on earth with them. I love that every time I look down at my Orion's Belt necklace, I see them. Thank you for making such a gorgeous and meaningful piece, Brittany!


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