Announcing Valley Rose's Accreditation for SCS's New Sustainably Rated Lab Diamonds

October 27, 2021

Announcing Valley Rose's Accreditation for SCS's New Sustainably Rated Lab Diamonds

Valley Rose is delighted to announce that in alignment with our commitment to deepening our sustainable and ethical practices, we have achieved official accreditation under the SCS-007 Jewelry Sustainability Standard from SCS Global Services!

This exclusive rating is focused on building accountability and trust in the diamond marketplace. In association with WD Lab Grown Diamonds, we are excited to have been awarded this milestone certification, because it is our ethos to bring you beauty while also protecting people and the planet. 

This revolutionary new accreditation not only addresses the need for innovation and improvement in the diamond industry, it also in tandem with WD Lab Grown Diamonds, introduces the fifth C! One cut above the traditional diamond four C’s, (cut, color, clarity, and carat) comes the fifth C- Climate Neutrality. 



In partnering with a grown diamond company, Valley Rose offers cutting edge diamonds chemically grown via the CVD process. This means that type IIA diamonds which are normally incredibly rare (and expensive) found in the earth naturally, can be grown via a vapor deposition process that involves no mining whatsoever! 


See for yourself- the sparkle of these type IIA CVD diamonds is out of this world! 

WD lab Diamonds_SCS_Sustainably_rated_diamonds_valley_rose


We love to have the opportunity to offer you not only pure diamonds from a gemological standpoint, but also from an ethical one. The same holistic approach applies to any jewel you fall in love with from us. Wether it is the fair mined gold we use, (it’s certified sustainable and/ or recycled) to the ethically sourced, traced & certified natural gems we carry, to our sustainably grown diamonds, we are so happy to be able to humbly offer you our very best. 


WD lab Diamonds_SCS_Sustainably_rated_diamonds_valley_rose


Find Your Forever Sustainably: 

Shop our eco-conscious engagement ring selection! If you’re looking for a fairmined gold wedding band, to our wide array of bespoke bridal, explore all ring styleshere. From a classic solitaire, to vintage inspired designs, find your unique engagement ring design in our bridal section. 


Shop Our New Sustainably Rated Engagement Ring Collection 



Finally & most importantly: let’s make a difference every day! 

Our earth is our future; care and compassion towards all is a choice to spread the love. For every purchase made at Valley Rose, we give back a portion of the proceeds to plant a tree in furthering our environmental commitment. We also continue in our charitable efforts locally to support causes close to our heart that further intersectional environmentalism. 

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