Top 8 Alternative Engagement Ring Trends for 2021

February 28, 2021

Top 8 Alternative Engagement Ring Trends for 2021

The new engagement ring trends for 2021 are giving me so much inspiration that I am even considering redesign my own engagement ring. Whoops, did I say "trend"? Well let's back up here, "trend" is not really a good word for an engagement ring style now is it? Where trends tend to come and go your engagement ring style really needs to stand the test of time. Because most people tend to wear their engagement rings for decades they will need a piece of jewelry that will not only stand out but also not remind them of their questionable fashion decisions from their younger years.

As more and more brides and grooms are searching for something innovative and unique instead of the status quo, alternative engagement ring designs offer the chance to express one's individual style and tell your unique story. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter-mass-produced designs, now couples can shop for designer jewelry from the world's leading engagement ring designers from the comfort of their home. 

At Valley Rose we specialize in alternative engagement rings, and focus on responsibly sourced materials. But when writing this post we thought it would be better to share the love and feature some of our other favorite designers alongside our own collection. The designs that made the cut for the 2021 best of round up felt innovative, versatile, and also timeless. These top engagement ring designs will stay a classic for years to come but also spark a conversation at a dinner party. This year's engagement ring styles are vibrant, bold, and anything but ordinary. OK let's dive in!


1. Nature Inspired 

If you are looking for an alternative engagement ring that brings you closer to mother earth, check out a nature inspired ring. This champagne rose cut diamond by Nino Studio is a great choice for a non-traditional engagement ring. Nino Studio's designs feature earthy elements like leaves, flower motifs and natural textures. You will forever be reminded of your love for the natural world with one of these organic rings. 


2. Signets 

    These engagement worthy signets are a feminine take on a ring style that is typically more androgynous. We love the diamond signets by J.Hannah,  that stomp out the idea of a traditional engagement ring and embrace a gender neutral and modern style. It’s a statement ring but also a classic choice with its vibrant sparkly diamond to symbolize your forever love. 


    3. Cigar Bands 

    The classic men’s band is getting a glamorous and femme makeover. The diamond encrusted cigar bands by sustainable jewelry designer Jennifer Dawes are a bold take on a unique alternative engagement ring.  Her bridal cigar bands feature fairmined gold and responsibly sourced diamonds. 


    4. Minimalist & Asymmetrical Engagement Rings

    Looking for something modern and minimal? Perhaps your taste sits more with these incredible asymmetrical designs. We are just in awe of McCaul Goldsmiths emerald cut bezel set diamond that is laid asymmetrically on a hefty gold band. This non-traditional engagement ring is a perfect update to the traditional solitaire and is sure to be eye catching for years to come.


    5. Stacking Bridal Sets

      Stacking your engagement rings and wedding bands is a huge trend this year because you can create a unique design and tell your story with multiple gorgeous pieces. This Crescent Diamond Tiara Ring set by Sofia Kaman is a beautiful and romantic choice and still has room to play with more rings for anniversaries and other milestone years. With stacking bands you can get away with more tiny diamond pavé styles and smaller carat stones while still having a bold and beautiful set. 


      6. Vibrant Colored Sapphires

      While many traditional rings have diamonds at the center, why not stand out with a custom engagement ring featuring a vibrant color? Sapphires come in every color of the rainbow like teals from Montana or Purples from Africa, and they make a stunning engagement ring stone. Sapphires are almost as strong as diamonds so you can wear these designs everyday and don't have to worry about damaging your ring with everyday wear and tear. Here at Valley Rose, we work with a lot of sapphires like the teal sapphires for our Galia Ring or Atlantis Solitaire. Pair your vibrant sapphire with some responsibly sourced diamond wedding bands to really make it pop.  


      7. Celestial Inspired
      Embrace your galactic spirit with a celestial inspired engagement ring. Star andconstellation designs make the perfect theme for an alternative engagement ring. These cosmic beauties will make a major statement with their romantic silhouettes. 


      8. Rustic Diamonds

      If you are looking to satisfy your inner iconoclast opt for a style with a rustic diamond or "galaxy diamond". These diamond alternatives are not only completely unique and one-of-a-kind but also are a cost effective alternative to the perfect brilliant diamond. Rustic diamonds can be found in just about any shape: rose cut, pear, kite, coffin, bullet, hexagon and multiple colors like: silver, black, grey, icy white, champagne, and brown. The wide rose cut designs show off all the sparkly inclusions that inspired the nickname "galaxy diamond." We love these edgy diamonds especially ones with unconventional settings. 


      Ok that is our round up! I hope you found some good ideas for your alternative engagement ring style. These alternative designs are sure to express your love in an unconventional and unique way and whichever one you choose I am willing to bet that you will love it forever. 

      Here at Valley Rose we design our alternative engagement rings with responsibly sourced materials like fairmined gold and traceable gemstones. We also do custom engagement ring designs! Drop us an email for more info: if you like our style and want to learn more. 

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