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7 Engagement Ring Myths: How To Shop for An Alternative Engagement Ring

May 24, 2020

7 Engagement Ring Myths: How To Shop for An Alternative Engagement Ring


Sometimes we have to break from tradition and do our own thing. Especially for engagement rings! In this video I take you through the top myths I have heard over the years and why you should ignore them and follow your heart when choosing your engagement ring or wedding band. 


1. The Bigger the Rock the Better

The first myth is, this is from probably the '90s or the '80s, but the bigger the rock, the better the ring, and...boring. No, not the bigger the rock, or not even a rock. You can do a diamond infinity band or a stacking band. Do whatever you want, but I just think that we're telling people a lie about “what you have to do”. You should just be able to wear whatever style you want and not have to spend a giant fortune on a giant diamond. 


2. The Diamond Has to Be Flawless

Here's another myth: the diamond has to be completely flawless and perfect. You know what? No, actually, it really doesn't really matter. The diamond can have inclusions in it and have color, and that's actually really badass. I think the more “flaws” the more character and story there is to your diamond. To me, flawless diamonds, they look like they're fake and manufactured. They don't feel authentic, warm, inviting, and romantic. They just are the epitome of what not to do in my playbook. 

3. Wedding Band Only For the Wedding 

Another myth is you have to do an engagement ring with a giant rock, and a wedding band. None of that. No, you can do a stacking band style, or a cluster ring, or a constellation ring for your engagement ring. Then maybe you do solitaire with a really cool rustic diamond for your “wedding ring”. It doesn't matter. It's a total made-up construct. I think if you're into the wedding band look, go for it for the symbolic engagement ring.


4. You Can’t Do Color

I think another myth that the wedding industry, or whoever the powers that be are telling people is that you can only do white stones with your gold gold ring. I think that that is also just a total boring tradition. You should be able to do whatever color you want. Sapphires and diamonds, these are stones that are really good for engagement rings and come in many colors. Sapphires, especially come in every single color of the rainbow. I think your engagement ring should be a color that speaks to you, your favorite color (or white too!). Go for it. 


5. I Can Do Whatever Stone I Want

I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to back-pedal here a little bit on my encouragement of breaking the rules and being free-for-all with your engagement ring. Another myth out there is that you can use whatever stone you want, like pearls, or turquoise, or opals. I'm here to tell you that I'm really sorry, those stones are not gonna be good in the long run. You really do have to stick with some of the more traditional types of stones, like diamonds and sapphires, for your engagement ring because ou really want them to be durable, and hearty, and last forever. Otherwise, if you go with a stone like an opal or a turquoise, you're going to have to replace it many times over your lifetime. 


6. It’s Too Hard to Order Online

Think another myth out there is that it's really hard to order an engagement ring online, or just not possible. It definitely is, and you can definitely get a one-on-one custom experience. In fact, many designers like myself, we'd be more than happy to walk you through our collection and set you up with a design that you and your partner feel really good about.



7. It’s Not Possible to Get An Ethical Ring


 I think the last myth about engagement rings is that you don't really need to have an ethical or eco-friendly engagement ring, or maybe they're too hard to get, or they're not accessible. They definitely are, and it's definitely really important to be investing in an engagement ring made from Fairmined gold. Fairmined gold just does so much good for the jewelry industry, and it's just really going to improve the lives of so many. Things like preventing child labor, preventing slave labor, cleaning up waterways, preventing excessive deforestation. Fairmined gold is the best choice you can make when purchasing an engagement ring. 


I hope you enjoyed my discussion on engagement ring myths. I hope you got some good ideas on what to do for your engagement ring. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. My email is info@valleyrosestudio. I got some more articles on there about Fairmined gold, you can read them byclicking here. Also you can check out my alternative bridal collections of engagement rings and wedding bands byclicking here. Follow me on Instagram, we have a lot of fun there: my Instagram is @valleyrosestudio. Bye!

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