5 Positive Things The Coronavirus Has Taught Me

March 19, 2020 2 Comments

5 Positive Things The Coronavirus Has Taught Me

As I write this most of California is in the beginning of a “Shelter in Place” mandated social distancing. My family and I are very fortunate in the fact that not much has changed in our daily routines, I have been “socially distant” for the past year because I have a small baby and a home business. 

Over the past few weeks coronavirus has been creeping in and taking over our day to day routine to a level that’s impossible to ignore. It is so difficult for all of us to sit with this uncertainty and the drastic changes that are required to fight this global threat. But out of all the horrible things this virus threatens, there are also some positives that can come from this.

I had to turn off my news app a few weeks ago (highly recommend!) and just get my information from my partner. It has allowed me to process the intense information and also put a positive outlook on things. 

  1. We Need Our Community. Totally obvious but with the digital age is hard for us more and more to feel “connected” and part of a community. I have spent my last year of postpartum trying to build my community in a new town and it’s been a struggle. I think we are still getting used to how to have a healthy relationship to digital communication and how it can be used as a tool for good to build authentic meaningful relationships. This situation has tuned me into the powerful global community and our undeniable Interconnectedness. We are collectively stopping behaviors that will ultimately save our most vulnerable members of our society on a global scale. I wish we could harness this momentum for climate change.Local communities are stepping up and helping each other out like never before. We are more conscious of how our actions will directly affect our neighbors and also how our consumption choices will too. Small businesses are almost half the US economy and are increasingly in a vulnerable position. Instead of ordering online let’s take a pause to look at what local businesses can serve us and support them first. To support your local restaurant order takeout and bring your reusable containers. Order over the phone from your favorite shop and arrange a pickup or delivery, it will make their day! Call local farms or go on next door to pick up local eggs and produce. Here are some of my Sonoma favorites offering free shipping, delivery or goodies during this trying time:Free shipping on sustainable and ethical designers at Tamarind,Slow food delivery from Miracle Plum,Free local delivery of curated gifts from Olive and Rose. 
  2. The Earth is Getting a Break. Air travel, commuting, factories and cruise ships have come to a screeching halt. For the first time in decades pollution is down and skies are blue. I think this is a peek into the future that is possible if we make some dramatic changes. Since the world is already currently making dramatic changes how much harder can It be? We now know it’s completely possible for governments to change people's behaviors to help fight global warming and help save humanity. My hope is that many businesses will realize that a working from home policy isn’t that scary, maybe frivolous travel isn’t all that necessary, stay cations are awesome, and cruise ships are the worst. If air travel is necessary consider these travel offsets:Carbon Fund,Terra Pass, orClear Offset.  I have been grappling with raising a child in this current climate and I have come to terms with the fact that it will be beautiful and also bittersweet. We need to raise our next generation with love and respect for nature but also teach them that the beauty in life is always fleeting so it’s important to cherish and protect.A beautiful article in The Atlantic on the topic here. 
  3. Self Reliance. With spring around the corner what a better time to work in our veggie garden and super charge it! My husband has been bringing home hundreds of starters and it’s given us the chance to get inspired and feel empowered by what we can grow ourselves and learn about non traditional heirloom varieties of vegetables to add beautiful variety to our meals. Being self reliant is an easy and cost effective thing that any of us can do to help fight climate change and improve our local community. If you grew too much leave a box on your porch and make an announcement on your local online community hub. Need some beauty products? Why not make your own! Its super easy to do.Here is my DIY beauty Pinterest board for some inspiration. 
  4. Herbal Medicine: This situation is a call to bolster our immune system and check in with our bodies. It’s always a good idea to tune into herbal medicine and do everything you can to build up defenses in addition to the CDC social distancing protocol. Taking care of my body through plant medicine is my favorite thing to do. It is a beautiful reminder of how amazing nature is and also how we can be in control of what we nourish our bodies with. My favorite way is to eat my medicine instead of pills or tinctures, but those are great too. My go to is cooking with lots of Thyme, Rosemary, Garlic, Shitake. I have also been incorporatingCordyceps, Reishi and chaga into stews or congee, and sipping on elderberry and echinacea tea. Here is a fun recipe for immune boosting cookies from Farmacopia!
  5. Slowing Down, less is more: I have been feeling an overall draw to simplify my life and do less. I have been craving some peaceful time with my baby and the opportunity to not have to fill my life with busy work. I am learning that in the quiet space we can truly find who we are. I give you permission during this time of solitude to not write that novel or tackle that big project, but just be and trust that the universe will provide. To all the mommas homeschooling for the first time, be easy on yourself and its ok if you had to put the TV on, not get through the day’s lesson, or cave in and give kids junk food. I encourage us all to check in with ourselves and use this time to connect to our family, spirituality or whatever that means to you. Practice creativity just for creativity's sake. My favorite app for mediation isInsight Timer and they have great mini courses to try.Also #sootheTV has been my friend. Because at the end of the day, with or without this state that we are in, the only thing that matters is your happiness and wellbeing. Sure the financial situation is stressful and we may find ourselves gravitating towards panic and overwhelm. But lean into your creativity and look for resources that speak positively about the problems we face.Like Chantal Chapman teaching financial wellness on instagram. We need to get away from the scarcity mindset and instead gravitate towards abundance. 

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March 20, 2020

Beautiful words of positivity

Windsor Flynn
Windsor Flynn

March 20, 2020

Thanks for sharing!!! I love herbal medicine too

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